Tuesday, April 1, 2014

21 Day Fix Week 2 Update and Progress - Plus Meal Plan

Week 2 is completed...week 3 begins!  

I'm starting the 3rd week of workouts and eating plan. I'm learning some new things about myself thru this process, both about my eating habits and my workout habits.

My eating habits...well, let's face it...I love my oatmeal, through and through. I've known that about myself but didn't realize how much I crave that in the mornings. When I have my oatmeal, I hate only having a single yellow serving size of oatmeal. Literally I think it's too small. So I've had to adjust to that size or use 2 of my yellow containers. But them I feel like I miss out on my other favorites like sweet potatoes and quinoa. So do I have a solution?  Not really, other than to just vary it and learn that it's a give and take for my yellow container. 

Cauliflower Rice, www.HealthyFitFocused.com
Cauliflower Rice
Although I will say that because of this "problem" with lack of yellow containers, I've learned to try new alternatives that incorporate my green veggie containers in place of the yellow containers. Here are 2 of my favorites...spaghetti squash and cauliflower rice!!!  These totally satisfy my craving to have a grain like quinoa or brown rice, yet it doesn't take away that container for the day!!  I make a big batch if these to have for the week and it works wonders!!

21 Day Fix Recipe Approved, www.HealthyFitFocused.com

Meal Plan for week 3
21 Day Fix Meal Plan, 21 Day Fix Menu
21 Day Fix Meal Plan

Workout vs Don't work out.  www.HealthyFitFocused.comI've really had a different outlook with these workouts last week. I've enjoyed then in a new way. Even though, I'll be honest, I've struggled getting up at 5 am each morning I've pushed through it. I have literally had a conversation in my head each morning debating whether or not to get up and workout. Something like this, "oh I'm so tired and the bed feels so good" "but, I've really enjoyed the workout one I get started, it really isn't that bad, you know you should get up and workout", "oh but I am so tired", "come on you can do it...just get up"!!

Literally, I had this conversation every morning last week, but every morning the GOOD VOICE on my head WON!! I know I have turned a corner when I can say that!  So that's a major victory for sure. 

Positive thoughts, motivation, www.healthyfitfocused.com

I am definitely feeling stronger doing these workouts even though the scale hasn't changed that much, I'm ok with that. This is a process and a journey and above all I am shaping new habits and new lifestyles!  

If you are looking to get started with the 21 Day Fix and get into challenge/ accountability group and start a new habit lifestyle for yourself please fill out the application below to be a part of the 21 Day Fix Group starting April 14th. You will be amazed by the results of this program. 

Mom's fitness challenge group

Here are some results of some of my challengers.
Lavonne- Week 1 results - 5 lbs lost
Jamie - 21 Day results 8 lbs lost 
Julie - 21 Day results 8 lbs lost
Sarah 21 Day results 6 lbs lost & 7 inches.

Would you like to be a part of the next accountability group?  Fill this out below!

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