Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 1 of 21 Day Fix

Today is the day…Day 1…It Begins! (I'm taking a short 21 Day break from P90X3 and will return to that when I'm finished!)

I'm really excited to be starting this 21 Day Fix.  It takes 21 days to break a habit and make a new habit.  I LOVE food!!  I have my favorite foods and like many others, I have the hardest time keeping my portion sizes the size they need to be.  That's why I am so excited about this program and nutrition plan.  It gives colored containers based on food groups that you need each day and you fill those containers up with the appropraite amount of food!  It's a paint by numbers nutrition and exercise program!

Paint By Numbers approach - The 21 Day Fix -

I spent some of yesterday planning and prepping for my week.  I've created my meal plan for the week and will stick to that.  I am following the 1200-1499 calories per day meal plan, and I'm allowed to have a certain amount of colored containers per day and here they are…

Green - 3 per day
Purple - 2 per day
Red - 4 per day
Yellow - 2 per day
Blue - 1 per day
Orange - 1 per day
Teaspoon - 2 per day

So, based on each colored container, I created a meal plan (color coordinated of course) for the week!  Now I know EXACTLY what I need to eat and how much!!  (Isn't it pretty?)

21 Day Fix Meal Plan - week 1 -

I prepped my meals on Sunday…I grilled a bunch of chicken for the week and made 3 dozen meatloaf muffins (my kids LOVE these for their lunches, so had to make extras!).  I chopped a bunch of veggies to top my salad so now I just need to scoop those out with a green container!  Made quinoa and some spice mixes too!  All ready to go!!

Meal Prep for 21 Day Fix -

The other part of this plan are the workouts!  They are 30 minutes long…for 21 Days.  Today I started with Total Body Cardio Fix.  Tons of fun, easy to follow, and great total body workout!  More to come on the other workouts!  Here's a list of them

Day 1 - Total Body Cardio Fix
Day 2 - Upper Fix
Day 3 - Lower Fix
Day 4 - Pilates Fix
Day 5 - Cardio Fix
Day 6 - Dirty 30
Day 7 - Yoga Fix

Day 1 of 21 Day Fix - Meal Plan

If you are interested in joining me in doing this program and would like more info about my next challenge group with 21 Day Fix, fill out this application below to be a part of the next group or to learn how to order!!

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