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I'm a 30 something mom of 3 and married to my very best friend!  I'm passionate about all things health related...while I'm definitely not perfect with my own health all the time, I strive everyday to live a balanced healthy lifestyle, I definitely enjoy following the "80/20 rule"...health should be a lifestyle, not a death sentence!

The Little Family

My love of health includes Nutrition, Fitness and Anti-Aging!  You can't have one without the other...they all build on each other!  Learning to care for yourself from the INSIDE - OUT is definitely the most logical thing I've learned over my years of seeking out overall health!  

We all strive to look younger every single year as we get older.  What's funny is that I started really caring more about my overall health as I started getting into my early 30s.  What I've noticed is that when I started taking care of what is going into my body, getting proper exercise, and using products that have helped reverse years of sun damage, I feel better and my skin is better than in my late 20s!  You truly can turn back the clock!  

I hope you enjoy my clean eating recipes (and maybe some that aren't so clean ;) ), my health/fitness tips, anti-aging tips and anything mom related!  I truly strive to live a HEALTHY, a FIT and a FOCUSED (on what matters most) life!  I hope you enjoy my blog and come back often!  

A little more about ME:

I've been a stay at home mom, pretty much since my oldest was 1 year old.  I am so thankful that I had that time as my children were growing up and being home with them was the biggest blessing ever, I realized that as they got older and in school, I didn't really have anything to call my own!  I never had a career that I pursued after college.

I was introduced to some opportunities that have totally transformed my life and given me, a stay at home mom, something to call MY OWN!  Something that I could excel at and set goals and accomplish them, something to be successful at and recognized for a job well-done!  Not to mention, an opportunity to add to our family income!  

I'm thrilled to be extending my love of health and teaming up with the amazing Doctors of Proactiv, with their next billion dollar company of Rodan + Fields!  I'm so excited to be able to help other women, like me, find something to call their own and give them that sense of accomplishment and success that so many of us crave as moms (but so often, don't know how to get that)!  

I truly feel that God has prepared me for something such as this!  While it's not the "normal career path" I always thought I would have, it is one that fits into my family life and schedule, one that gives me joy in helping others succeed and transforming their skin to give them confidence and truly love the skin they're in!  My passion is to empower women to live the life God has created them for, one of purpose, joy and freedom, and if Rodan + Fields can be the vehicle that helps them get there, then I can't wait to share that with each and every woman!  

Rodan + Fields Woman's Reverse Results, www.HealthyFitFocused.com, Julie Little
My 6 month results from using Rodan + Fields Reverse!

My WHY for being a part of Rodan + Fields is for FREEDOM!  Family is so important to us and being free from the things that KEEP us from freedom (time, money, debt, job restrictions) is why I'm pursuing an opportunity such as R+F!  This has the ability and potential to solve all of those problems...and it WILL!  

I'm so excited for the growth of our team and our company, locally and worldwide!  If you're ready to find your passion and need a vehicle in which to live out your dreams, I would love to share more with you about this amazing company and opportunity!  Please fill out the information below and I'll connect back with you!

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    1. Awesome Karen, what program are you getting started with?? If you aren't working with a coach I would love to support you in your journey!! Feel free to email me at juliefit15@gmail.com