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21 Day Fix Tips for Higher Calorie Groups

I was chatting with one of my challengers who is getting ready to start the 21 Day Fix.  As she was going through her meal planning she texted me back and said how challenging it was for her to get all of her containers scheduled in for the day.  She is using the "special chart" that is for the 2300-2499 calorie range.  This range is going to be for people who have a larger amount of weight to lose and need the extra calories until you reach a lower number of weight and can drop your calorie range down to the lower group.

For those of you who are on the higher side of calories needed throughout the day, here are some tips for you as you are planning your meals so that you don't feel like you are eating ALL day long, and tips that will help you get all your containers in thru the day!

For example, you are going to eat more of:
21 Day Fix color-coded food containers.
Green containers: veggies
Red containers: protein
Yellow containers: grains/carbs
Purple containers: fruit
Teaspoons: healthy fats

Some of you may be thinking..."This is a TON of food, how can I lose weight eating so much?"  Well, your body needs calories in order to burn calories and fat!  So if you have been trying to lose weight by not eating much, you're probably putting your body into starvation mode and it is clinging on for every last calorie you put in your mouth and storing it as fat instead of using the calories you eat to get your metabolism working properly to burn fat!

So, how do you go about eating this much food in one day?  Well, there are some tips and tricks I can tell you, but, if you have some tips that have worked for you I would love for you to share those with me in the comments below and I can even put them into this post!!

Tip #1:  Shakeology (with fruit and veggies)


Shakeology is such an amazing meal replacement that has so many added benefits (weight loss, curbed cravings, increased energy), but it is also a great way to get some of your added containers into your day.
For example:
  • Add fruit (purple container) into your shakes to make it more flavorful and diverse each day!  This is an easy way to use up some of those extra purple containers and will make you not feel like you are constantly eating!
  • Add veggies to your shakes (green container):  You have a lot of green containers that you need to fill thru your day.  This is another great way to get your greens in...throw it in a Shakeology shake or blend it up for a "green smoothie".  You can easily add spinach into a shake and it won't effect the flavor too much.  See how you like it, but it's a way to not have to eat "one more salad!".
  • Along the same lines as the Shakeology is a "Green Smoothie".  This is a great way (and one of my favorite ways) to get my greens in for the day! Sometimes I just don't like eating my I blend them!  Try this for a snack or along with a meal!
Tip #2:  Getting in your "teaspoons"
I know the upper calorie plans call for 6-7 "teaspoons" which are going to be your oils and nut butters.  Now, my thought is that a perfect world where calories didn't matter, is that you would be able to eat peanut butter like it were veggies!!  LOL.  However, I'm sure most of you want a little variety from the nut butters.  Hehe.

Coconut oil for 21 Day fix
Coconut Oil
This grouping you can use coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil...this is a great thing to add into your foods or your salads.  I have really started using coconut oil with so many different things I cook with, Autumn Calabrese is a huge fan of coconut too. I would suggest looking into the benefits of this and how to use it. 

Nut butters for 21 day fix teaspoons
Nut Butter
But back to the teaspoons.  You can obviously use nut butters on fruit, in your Shakeology or smoothies.  This makes your smoothies creamy and super yummy!!  Another thing you can add to your Shakeology or smoothie is coconut oil!  You'll get all the benefits of the coconut oil without having to just eat it!

And of course, getting your olive oil is easy by using it for salad dressings or sauteing your veggies. 

Tip #3 Green containers - veggies
Ok, so we have discussed a few ways above to sneak those veggies into your day.  But some other ways to try and get your veggies in…

21 Day Fix Veggies, green container
Salad: use 1 green container for spinach and a 2nd for chopped veggies
Hiding your veggies:  Have you ever tried to "hide" the veggies in meals so your kids will eat it?  Well, same type of thing here.  Often time, I will be making dinner and throw an a few handfuls of spinach chopped up very small and when it's cooked into the ground turkey or burgers or even your brown rice or quinoa, you can't taste it. (Also, check out this amazing quinoa salad that uses a lot of veggies and is so delicious). So if you can find ways to "hide" your veggies.  Or even pureeing your veggies and mixing them when you make different meals.

Quinoa Salad
Quinoa Salad

Spinach on 21 Day Fix
Sneak your spinach into any food!
Spinach I think is a really great one that you can hide or use a lot!  Also I like to saute it or throw it into my eggs for a little spinach and egg omelet.  Cooking spinach down makes it so that it seems like you don't have to eat as much.

I know it can be challenging to get all your containers in for the day if you are at an increased calorie range.  If this seems to get hard and challenging for you, I would love to be your coach and help you get amazing results and work together to get you down to a lower range of calories so you don't have to eat quite as much throughout the day!!

If you do want some extra support through your 21 Day Fix journey, fill out the application below to be considered for my upcoming challenge group with the 21 Day Fix!  I'd love to help you through your health and fitness journey!  You will get the personalized support and accountability you need to lose the weight, get healthy and in shape!  Today is YOUR day to get healthy!!

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