Sunday, March 2, 2014

How to Prep your Week for Success

I am someone who needs to prepare for my week in order to stay on track in my eating.  I have always been one that likes to have a plan.  Back about 6 years ago, I would cook for an entire month in one day, then freeze it all and I'd have dinners for the month!  It was amazing! And a lot of work.  Now, I find that it is easier for me (and more practical) to do it a week at a time.  I plan out my menu in advance on Saturday, then usually do my shopping on Sunday and will get some cooking in on Sunday evening.
Meal Prep and Planning

So…what do I do to prepare:

1)  Create a Meal Plan

I use a meal plan template to create each menu…now, I will say that I don't mind eating the same or similar things each day for breakfast or lunch, so that makes things easier!  Also, I'm not creating something brand new every single week.  I will go back and use menus I've made previous weeks or just substitute in where I need.

If you need help planning or ideas on how to do it, message me or check out my sample MEAL PLANS!

When you have a plan, you are so much more likely to stay on track with your eating!

Weekly Meal Plan,

2)  Make a Shopping List

You've got to plan ahead and have the items on hand that you need for the week, or you'll find yourself reaching for the "junk" that you really don't want to eat!  Plus, when you make a list and go shopping for what you need that week, it saves you so much time during the week (and quite frankly, saves a lot of money!)
Shopping list for meal planning

3)  Get Organized 

Get yourself organized once you've done your shopping.  Figure out what you need to cook ahead of time…what you can combine in a freezer baggie and put in the freezer for a crockpot meal (Crockpot meals are my favorite and save so much time and energy)…what veggies you need chopped, etc.  

If you can get yourself organized and plan what needs the oven or how many recipes use onions so that you can save time by cutting that many onions up at once, it will really save you lots of time (and onion tears!).  

4)  Get to work!

 The normal things I find myself doing on a prep Sunday:
  • Chopping Veggies
  • Chopping Fruit if needed
  • Cooking Rice or Quinoa
  • Grilling Chicken
  • Making Turkey Meatloaf Muffins (This is a FAVORITE in my house!)
  • Making any salad dressings or seasonings
  • Chopping Salad Toppings (I will chop carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, snap peas, etc and put them in a container so that when I am making my salad the night before I just take a scoop of the mixture and I have an instant topping!)
  • If I have crockpot meals, I will gather the ingredients and place them in a freezer baggie and then freeze it.  Then all I have to do is pop it in the crockpot before I leave for work
Meal Prepping for the week for success
This was my latest Meal Prep for 21 Day Fix

Freezer Meals
Example of Freezing your Crockpot Meals

If you need ideas on more meal plans click HERE!  If you need help on knowing what a healthy week looks like, I'd be happy to get you plugged into my 30 Day Clean Eating group.  Message me for details!


  1. if you put your food in zip lock bags like that, they wont get freezer burned??

    1. I use the freezer bags and I don't have a problem with freezer burn. If you leave it there for too many months then you may run the risk. But I've had things for a couple months and it's just fine!

  2. I am always telling my clients that meal prepping is the way to go! It makes it sooo much easier not to cheat on your health and fitness goals when you know your next meal is planned and prepped so you're not tempted to get fast food or make something unhealthy. Great article!