Monday, March 28, 2016

Mom Tip: How to Help your Kids Swallow Pills (or Vitamins)


How many of you have struggled with helping your kids learn how to swallow pills or vitamins?  I remember how difficult it was growing up and having to make that switch from "chewable" to "grown-up pills".  Let's face it, it's a necessary skill every kid has to learn (and every parent has to figure out how to teach!).

Mom Tip: How to Help your Kids Swallow Pills (or Vitamins), Julie Little Fitness,

Just yesterday we were sitting down for a weekend family breakfast.  Our vitamins were out on the table and we had just run out of the kid "chewable" vitamins.  My daughter was getting over being sick, and my hubby and I thought this was the perfect time for our kids to "learn how to swallow pills", (mind you, they are 8, 11, 12...the time is right!).

So, my husband said, "ok kids, we're out of the kids vitamins so it's time you learn".  Moans and groans and complaints started flying out of the kids' mouths.  I could see some giant tears getting ready to form in my youngest's eyes with the thought that he'd have to "swallow" something!

Now, our vitamins aren't "sugar coated" and are fully natural and organic so they don't taste good if they stay in your mouth for longer than it takes to chug some water down!  We warned them of this, so told them it must be quick!

"Ok, here's what you'r going to do...put the vitamin in the back of your mouth on your tongue, then take a huge drink of water and keep drinking." my husband said.

Well, my little guy just froze.  My oldest decided he was going to be the pro and "show up" his siblings, and with one gulp...he was done (and letting us all know about it too!).  My daughter, well, not to be outdone by her brother decided to try.  We reminded her to drink quickly!

In went the vitamin, the water started to go down the hatch...and suddenly, she stopped.  Then came the faces of complete disgust, moved onto the gagging and "fake" throwing up motion (not dramatic in the slightest, lol).  Then all of a sudden, it gets spit out on her empty plate.

Well...that was an epic fail!

Mom Tip: How to Help your Kids Swallow Pills (or Vitamins), Julie Little Fitness,

So...Plan 2!!

As moms, we always have to be thinking... So, I went to the kitchen, grabbed 9 mini M&M's for them to "practice" on.

My oldest got to eat all 3 because he already succeeded!

My little guy immediately ate one before I could even explain what was going to happen.

My daughter waited and probably wondered how this was going to help her!

"Ok guys, here's what you do...Jeremy, you get to enjoy yours since you already swallowed your vitamin.  Anthony and Katelyn, here's the deal.  You're going to practice with a mini M&M, put it in the back of your mouth and swallow it down.  IF you can swallow that down the first time, then you get to EAT the remaining M&Ms that you have and you don't have to practice anymore!"

Their eyes lit up with excitement at this point!

Anthony: "Well I'll take on that challenge."  M&M in the mouth, water down the hatch...and his finger in his mouth searching for the M&M that he surprisingly couldn't find!!  "I DID IT!!  IT'S GONE!!"  So, we cut up a vitamin into thirds and gave it to Anthony and Katelyn.  Anthony did the same thing as the M&M, and magically it disappeared!!  BOOM...down the hatch!!

"GREAT JOB Anthony!!  You can NOW enjoy your 3rd M&M!!"

"Katelyn, it's your turn!!"

Well, not to be outdone by her younger brother, she knew she needed to do the same, but was very hesitant because of her previous attempt!  Finally, she did M&M down the hatch, followed by the vitamin and BOOM...she gets to enjoy 2 M&Ms!!

So there you have it!  An easy way to help your kiddos learn how to swallow pills and graduate from chewables to grown up pills!!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spicy Slow Cooker Chicken

I recently bought 2 whole chickens from Costco.  I cleaned the yucky insides out and popped them in the freezer (learned to clean out the insides before freezing them...heed this advice if you choose to freeze whole chickens!!).  So I thawed one over night last night and needed something that was quick, easy and delicious!  CROCK POT!!  It's my "quick and easy" solution to everything!

I went searching for a great recipe and ran across one from Kate O Lynch (original recipe here) and thought it looked amazing!  I had to do some modifications to the original because I was making this last minute and thought I had all the spices...but improvised instead!

Spicy Whole Chicken (Slow Cooker Style!)
Spicy Slow Cooker Chicken, Healthy Dinner,, Julie Little Fitness
2 tsp Salt
2 tsp Paprika
1 tsp Cayenne Pepper (My substitution was red pepper flakes about 1/3 tsp b/c I didn't have cayenne pepper!!)
1 tsp Onion Powder (my substitution was onion flakes...again b/c I didn't have the powder!)
1 tsp Thyme
1 tsp Pepper
1 tsp Garlic Powder
1 Whole Roasting Chicken
1 Onion, sliced and broken in pieces you learned above, this was a "last minute" throw together.  I did not allow the chicken to soak in with the spices overnight, however you could do that to make the flavor deeper!

I cut up the onions and broke them apart to line in the crockpot.  Mixed together all the spices above and patted the chicken, bottom first an then top, covered it completely (and I used it all).  Placed the chicken on top of the onions and set my crock pot on low for 4 hours.  I'm sure you could leave it a bit longer if you'd like but you don't want to dry it out.

After it's cooked, remove from crock pot and let it sit for a few minutes to cool some and allow the juices to soak into the chicken.  Cut up the chicken as you like and it's ready to serve!

You can easily serve this with brown rice or quinoa or potatoes along with some veggies.  OR you could serve this in tortillas and turn it into more of a Mexican meal.  Either way is absolutely delicious!!

Hope you enjoy!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

6 Steps to Get Started on the 21 Day Fix

You're super excited, ready to change your health once and for you finally decide its time to take action!!  You decided to commit to the 21 Day Fix...NOW WHAT?

Starting a new health and fitness program can seem overwhelming at first.  But, it doesn't have to be that way!  I want to help you break it down into simple steps!

6 Steps to get started on the 21 Day Fix,, Julie Little Fitness

STEP 1: Write Down Your WHY: 
What is the REASON you decided to COMMIT to a new health and fitness program.  Keep it posted EVERYWHERE!!  WHY did you make this decision?  There is a deep-rooted reason, and I want you to rediscover that...this is what will keep you committed longterm!

6 Steps to get started on the 21 Day Fix,, Julie Little Fitness

STEP 2:  Open your 21 Day Fix Package: 
You'll receive your 21 Day Fix Challenge pack and find the 30 day bag of Shakeology, the 21 Day Fix workout DVDs, 21 Day Fix Nutrition guide, color coded containers and a Shakeology Shaker cup!
6 Steps to get started on the 21 Day Fix,, Julie Little Fitness

STEP 3: READ through the 21 Day Fix Nutrition Guide:  
This is super important.  Read it, study it, become familiar with it!  This will be your best friend as you learn the nutrition guide and how to implement it in your day!  DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!!

STEP 4:  Take your Measurements and Pictures: 
AGAIN...Super Important!!  I know this is the LAST thing you want to do as you start your journey!  But trust WILL regret it if you DON'T do this step!!  You must be able to see how far you've come!!  (Plus, you can win $500 or more from Beachbody by submitting your results!).

STEP 5:  Dig in and start to create a meal plan: 
Don't be afraid of this step.  This will be your key to success.  I have various tips that can support you in this process.  Those who fail to plan, plan to fail!
If you Fail to Plan, you Plan to Fail. 6 Steps to get started on the 21 Day Fix,, Julie Little Fitness

  • 21 Day Fix Cheat Sheet - Check this out to help you learn how to easily place your containers throughout the day.  This is just a guide, you don't have to organize them this way
  • 21 Day Fix Meal Plans - Here's a sampling of 21 Day Fix Meal plans that you can use as a guide to help you create your own.  Play with them and add in your favorite dishes!

When you have support on a daily basis to help you reach your goals, you are SO much more likely to stick to your commitment and be able to reach your goals!  It's the daily accountability and motivation that really makes a huge difference in your success!

  •  How do you get support?  Glad you asked!!

Every month, I host private support and accountability groups to help you through the 21 Day Fix (or any other Beachbody fitness program you're doing).  This group will give you daily support, accountability, tips, tricks and recipes that you can use on a daily basis!  It's a safe place for you to be where you can share your triumphs and struggles or questions!  You'll get support on your meal plans and tips on ho to stay committed!

**These groups are for those who are NOT currently working with another Beachbody Coach.

6 Steps to get started on the 21 Day Fix,, Julie Little Fitness

  •  What are the requirements of the group??

In order to be a part of these private support groups, each challengers is required to:

  1. Fully commit to the 21 Day Fix (or other Beachbody fitness program) have me as their assigned coach.  If you're going to be a part of the group, you have to be READY to commit and ALL in, expecting to reach your goals!  
  2. I must be your assigned FREE Beachbody Coach.  Click Here
  3. You must be committed to drinking Shakeology for the full 30 days of our group!  (**Contact me BEFORE you purchase anything so I can share with you how to SAVE $$ on your Shakeology and 21 Day Fix/fitness program).

If you would like to be a part of a private support and accountability group like the one I described above, please fill out the application below to reserve your spot.

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Battle of the Bulge - Spring Health and Fitness Accountability

Spring is here and do you know what that means?  SUMMER is right around the corner!  Yep...bathing suits, beaches, pools, shorts, tank tops... All of that!

Well, I know sometimes it's easy to let winter go by and stay cuddled up because it's cold and a good excuse to allow the pounds to pack on!  Not that it's something we set out to do...but it just happens!!

If you're ready to get that winter layer off and feel confident for summer then NOW is your time to do that!  Seriously, it's the time the kids are out of school by June, you'll want to be ready to feel good and be active!  That's a solid 2 months that you have to really be serious about getting back in shape!

Battle of the Bulge, Health and Fitness Accountability Group, Julie Little Fitness,

There is no time like the present to BATTLE THE BULGE!!

There's nothing worse than not feeling confident in your skin when you're trying to have a great time with your kids at the pool!  I've been there for sure!  You know the take off your coverup and still want to sit there "covered up"...yet at the same time try and keep convincing yourself that you feel great! is the time!!

Starting on March 14th, we will begin our PREP WEEK for the Battle of the Bulge.

This will be a 30 day accountability and support group.  This is for people who are SERIOUS about getting their health and fitness back in shape!  It's not for anyone who isn't COMMITTED!!

Here's the details!
Battle of the Bulge, Health and Fitness Accountability Group, Julie Little Fitness,
  • 30 days of:
  • 1:1 Support
  • Accountability
  • Meal Planning Support
  • 30 minute fitness
  • Simple nutrition
  • Tips and tricks to making this a lifestyle

Are you ready to take your health serious?  I have spots open for only 5 more people in this group!  Then, after that we will be filled and you'll need to wait till the next group!  We'll discuss what fitness program is a good fit for you.

Requirements of the group:

  • I must be your Beachbody coach
  • You are committed to the group 
  • I will help you choose the best Beachbody fitness program based on your needs and goals
  • You'll commit to drinking Shakeology for the length of the group
  • My coaching is always free, but to be a part of this group, these are the requirements and the only cost is the cost of your Challenge Pack (savings pack of a fitness program and Shakeology).
Battle of the Bulge, Health and Fitness Accountability Group, Julie Little Fitness,

Ready to feel amazing this summer about YOU and the skin you're in?  If so, fill out this application below for a spot in our Battle of the Bulge group!  So excited to help you in your health journey!

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

5 Minute Meal - "Spiced" Black Bean Soup

Are you ready for this?  Yes...I did say a 5 Minute Meal!  And guess what??  It's pretty healthy too!!  Now, just to be clear, this probably isn't my "go-to" for the 21 Day Fix meal plans (FOR SURE), simply because it would require too many yellow (carb) containers since the base of it is black bean soup.  However, now that we are into soccer season and 3 kids with practice and a hubby who coaches one of them, our family dinners are not as easy to come by.  So, I made this last night for a quick meal after practice and I had some leftovers that I picked from!  So it all worked out.

I will warn you...this is super delicious, but only makes enough for 4 good sized servings of soup!

5 Minute Healthy Meal - Spiced Black Bean Soup, Julie Little Fitness, Are you ready, this is quick!

  • Trader Joe's Latin Style Black Bean Soup 
  • 1/2 cup of fresh salsa
  • 1 can of chicken breast (if you have grilled chicken already prepared you can add this instead, but this made my meal super quick and easy!)
  • 1/2 cup (or more) of frozen corn

Place all the ingredients into a pot and cook until warm (or hot, whichever you prefer).  

You can top with cheese or avocado or cilantro if you want to spice it up even more!

There you have it!  Moms I know we ALL need quick and delicious meals on the fly!  Here ya go!  :)

If you are following the 21 Day Fix, this probably isn't my first choice of meals (I'd rather have my yellow used elsewhere).  I would probably count this as 2 yellows, 1/2 red for a cup of soup.