Tuesday, April 15, 2014

T25 - Week 1 Women's Progress Update - Meal Plan for Week 2


I got through my first week of Focus T25 and I absolutely LOVE this program.  I did it back in August of last year thru October and had great results.  And I have to be completely honest with you...I'm far from perfect in my health and fitness journey.  Although I have been consistently working out and eating clean, I have also been going through some different sort of health problems over the last couple months.  This has caused me a lot of stress and while I thought I had been eating perfectly, now that I step back and look at it, I realized that I had gotten more lazy than I thought and was adding little indulgences here and there and as a result...gained some weight I wasn't happy with!  Can you relate?  Well...I'm just like you!  I'm not perfect...I'm still on my journey and just a real life human who slips up from time to time!

So, side tangent completed...back to my Week 1 T25 update!!

Like I said I LOVE this program...Here was my week schedule:

Monday: Alpha Cardio - This is just a fun workout...it goes fast and is high paced workout.  There's a lot of jumping but Shaun T gives you a great modified version of each move.  Let me tell you...my calves are really tired after this workout!

Focus T25 Day 1, Alpha Cardio

Tuesday: Alpha Speed 1.0 - Ok I think this is seriously one of my favorite of his workouts!  Speed 1.0 speaks it all!  It's fast but it's great because he mixes in stretching and stability throughout this whole workout!  So after being sore, it feels really great to stretch within the workout!

Focus T25 Alpha Speed 1.0

Wednesday: Alpha Total Body Circuit - I'll be honest...this one is tough.  It's not my favorite, but I do like it.  However, it is hard and I'm really tired and sore afterward!

Focus T25 Total Body Circuit

Thursday: Alpha Ab Intervals - I love working my abs and this is a great one to do this.  Shaun T is all about the CORE throughout this entire program and he really focuses on reminding you to "focus" on your core and tighten your core.  This is a mix of ab work and intermittent cardio bursts!  Super fun!

Shaun T, T25, Core
Core Focus - T25
Friday: Alpha Lower Focus & Alpha Cardio - DOUBLES DAY!!!  Yes...you have a doubles day!! It's tough but totally doable!  However, I was really tired doing the Alpha Cardio for the 2nd workout, I had to modify some of the moves because I was sore and tired but I got through it and finished week 1 of T25!!  Wahoo!!

T25 Lower Focus and Cardio

I stuck strict to my meal plan, and allowed a "cheat meal" for Saturday night.  I was perfect on my meal plan throughout the day and at dinner had the appropriate portion sizes of each of my food items, but then added in 4 oz of red wine!!!  YES ONLY 4 oz...I even measured it out!  That is SHOCKING for me to measure it out, but I did...then I was done when the 4 oz was finished!!  It felt really rewarding to only have what I portioned out!

I also stayed committed to drinking my Shakeology each day...which, I've got to say, WOW what a difference that makes throughout the day.  I had run out of it for a couple weeks and started back up with it and I notice such a difference in my cravings throughout the day, they aren't there as much as they used to be, and for my energy level, I don't get that 2pm slump like I noticed myself getting when I wasn't drinking it for those 2 weeks.  It is amazing the difference that Shakeology has made for me each day!!  LOVE LOVE my Shakeology.

Strawberry Shakeology
Strawberry Shakeology
Results of week 1:  3 pounds lost!!  Whaoo!  I don't expect that to happen each week, I think it was a lot of water weight, however I'm happy that it was like that!

So here's to another great week starting this week!  I'm geared up and ready to go strong this week, sticking to my meal plan and workout plan!

Week 2 Meal Plan for Focus T25
Week 2 -T25 Meal Plan, Clean Eating Menu
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