Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday SALE!

Beachbody Black Friday Shakeology Special,

IT'S HERE!!!  I LOVE Black Friday Specials!  Sometimes I enjoy getting out there and battling the crowds but most of the time, I love getting on my computer and NOT having to battle ANY crowds.  Just depends on my mood.

Well…TODAY is your lucky BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL!  Give the gift to yourself OR a loved one to help them get in shape this year and get healthy!

As moms, we tend to think only of others and not take care of ourselves because we think we are being selfish.  Well, I've got news for YOU… You're not being selfish if you're going to take care of yourself and be healthy.  Your family NEEDS you to be healthy, and MOMS, it starts with US!  Fit and healthy mom does NOT equal selfish mom!

Fit Mom NOT EQUAL to selfish mom.

Today is YOUR day to start!  Make the decision TODAY that you are going to get healthy, if not for you…for YOUR FAMILY!

I've been drinking Shakeology for over 3 months now and have had great results of losing over 5 lbs and 8.5 inches to date.  Shakeology has helped curb my cravings for sweets, it has given me energy when it's the hardest "slump" time of the day (the 2pm hour), and it helps keep me full for a good 3 hours!  Not to mention the nutrient benefits of Shakeology...I have stopped taking my multivitamin and replaced it with a daily meal of Shakeology!  

Clean Eating and Shakeology Transformation...Black Friday Shakeology Sale.
T25, Clean Eating and Shakeology Transformation

Give it a try for 30 days and you won't be disappointed!  If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return your empty bag of Shakeology to Beachbody for a full money back guarantee!

So in order to HELP you get started.  For ONE DAY ONLY from 8am to midnight I am offering MY PRICE on SHAKEOLOGY… now is the time to get it!

It must be purchased as a Home Direct order to receive the discount and be registered as my customer.  

Go HERE for a FREE Beachbody membership to take advantage of the special offer

Black Friday Shakeology Sale,

So after Thanksgiving, you may be thinking you feel a little bit puffy or that your pants aren't fitting too well...and you may be thinking it's time to get back to a healthy eating plan!  

Starting December 2nd, I am having a Clean Eating and Shakeology accountability group starting.  I'll teach you the tricks to staying on track during all the holiday parties and festivities.  Don't gain 5 more pounds between now and New Years...get into your sexy little black dress this New Years!

Join me on December 2nd and give yourself the gift of health!

Fill out the application below for the Clean Eating and Shakeology Challenge.

Clean Eating and Shakeology Challenge,

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