Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Traveling Tips

Thanksgiving is one of the heaviest travel times for Americans.  This year over 43 million are expected to be on the road or in the air traveling for Thanksgiving.  Are you one of those 43 million?  Well, if you are, then you'd better be prepared and armed with all the healthy foods and snack for the trip!

I know it's really hard to stay on track at Thanksgiving, let alone, when you are traveling…but here are some tips that can really help you focus on your success.

Pack Your Snacks.
This shouldn't be any surprise to you if you have been following the clean eating rules (see #7).

Clean eating principles, www.healthyfitfocused.com

In order for you to succeed, then you need to be armed with plenty of healthy snacks.  Things that are easy to travel with.  Here are some examples of healthy snacks combining a complex carb with a protein.  You've got to be prepared because you never know what bump in the road you'll come across.
  • Apple and 14 almonds
  • Shakeology 
  • String cheese and 20 grapes
  • Veggies and hummus
  • Veggies and string cheese
  • Banana and 14 almonds
  • Quest Bar
  • Lara Bar

Drink Your Water!
Drink water, www.healthyfitfocused.com

I know sometimes it's hard to get your water down even on a good day.  However, it's especially important to drink water when you're traveling.  Helps you not to swell (especially when you're flying) and helps you not get so tight as your are sitting in the car on a road trip.  Now, here's a little tip so you won't have to stop for a restroom break every 30 minutes… If you are in the car then plan your "guzzling" times for about 30 minutes before you know you are going to be stopping for gas, lunch or a pit stop.  That way you won't be making everyone stop because you are slowly sipping on water the whole time!

Choose wisely when eating out.
www.healthyfitfocused.com, tips for eating out

You've got many choices when you're eating out.  A salad and protein is always a good option as long its not loaded with tons of extra "goodies" on the salad (cheese, bacon, olives, eggs, dressing, etc).  When you get a salad, get one with some grilled chicken, hold the dressing (opt for oil and vinegar on the side), and one that has lots of VEGGIES.  

If you prefer more of a "meal", choose a lean protein that is grilled or broiled chicken, lean pork, grilled fish.  Avoid foods with sauce or anything creamy.  Always ask for veggies steamed!!!

Get Moving!
Get Moving motivation!  www.healthyfitfocused.com

Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you can't workout!  Go out for a walk or jog…find someplace to hike.  If you're at a hotel the go to the gym they have available for guests.  Or, bring your Beachbody DVDs with you to workout in your room!!  Get active and don't make an excuse because you're "on vacation".  

Enjoy your Thanksgiving break with friends and family!  Take these tips to heart and you'll find you feel so much better after you implement some or all of these!

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