Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 3- Eat Clean Stripped Challenge

Today is day 3 of my challenge…I'm feeling great.  I've gotta admit though, getting up this morning for my workout was tough.  I had a late night last night so not much sleep.  However…I GOT UP, out of bed at 5am to workout!  Today was Focus T25 Beta Rip't Circuit!

Clean Eating, no excuses, work out
No Excuses…You Can Do It!

Consistency for my working out is the biggest thing for me.  If I lose my consistency for even a couple days, I keep making excuses of why I shouldn't workout.  So, mentally, I don't even allow myself to think I can have a break!  I know I'll get lazy if I give myself an inch!

As far as my stripped meal plan today…I stayed pretty right on to my plan, however, I have to say that my biggest struggle in my day is after the kids and I get home from school and get snacks.  I'm busy cleaning up the kitchen and putting things away and getting snacks for the kids.  At the same time, I am super hungry at that point too.  I find myself really having to keep myself in check with getting a snack immediately and NOT picking at the kids snacks.  That's when you can really pack on the extra calories, even if they are healthy snacks!
WIll Squat For Peanut Butter, Clean Eating Stripped
I heart PB!

Confession:  I'm a peanut butter JUNKIE!  I LOVE, love, love peanut butter…but I know this is my biggest weakness.  It's so easy for me to take a spoonful of PB for a quick "healthy fat" snack.  This is what gets me in trouble.  This is where my "keeping myself in check" has to come into play!  And, I must say, I didn't keep myself in check too well today.  So…I will be better tomorrow on the "healthy fat" portions!!

Clean Eating Stripped snack, meatloaf muffins and apple

So here's my day of eating…and I only have pics of 2 snacks!  I'll do better tomorrow with the pics!

Breakfast: Oatmeal, blueberries, 4 egg whites
Snack: 2 Meatloaf muffins, 1 apple
Lunch:  Chocolate Shakeology w/ PB2
Snack:  2 TBSP Hummus and Broccoli
Broccoli and HummusSnack: Spoonful PB :(
Dinner: 4 oz of grilled chicken, quinoa, spaghetti squash
Until next time...

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