Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Give Thanks,

Happy Thanksgiving!  I have been anxiously awaiting this day.  I love all the memories it brings, the smells of Thanksgiving and simply being with family makes me so happy!  It's a time to just sit back and relax and remember all the things we have to be thankful for!

As for me…here's what I'm most thankful for!  My amazing family, their love and support and the fun we have together!
The Little Family

Remember to enjoy the day…here's what my day looks like:

5:30am - Get up and workout (T25 - Alpha Cardio)

8am - Breakfast (Chocolate Shakeology with almond milk, pumpkin puree and cinnamon)

Late morning jog or activity outside with the family.

10:30-11ish - morning snack (veggies and hummus)

2:30ish - Thanksgiving Dinner (4 oz Turkey, 1/2 cup of sweet potato casserole, acorn squash, 1/2 cup cornbread dressing (this is our family tradition, but I'm only having a small portion), and 1 roll).  

(Obviously, Thanksgiving meal is my cheat meal, but my focus is to not FILL my plate, to stay within portion sizes and NO SECONDS!!)

6pm - Snack - veggies and hummus or fruit and almonds

Evening snack - green tea and one small "special treat"

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Don't forget to come back TOMORROW for 
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