Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tips to Stay on Track this Labor Day

With Labor Day around the corner, that means summer is almost "officially" over!  I can't believe it's flown by so quickly!  Labor Day usually means that it's the last summer BBQ party, and of course can easily be filled with junk food, alcohol and desserts!'s the question, are you going to give into your last party to end the summer, or will you enjoy your party by making some healthy choices and swaps to the foods you're serving?

Here's the deal...there are so many amazing recipes you can serve (or bring) that the entire crowd will love!  You don't have to sacrifice flavor or your desserts to stay healthy yet still enjoy your holiday weekend!

What are some tips as you go into this weekend and planning to be at a party?

1) Exercise
You may be enjoying a couple parties or BBQs this weekend, but if you KNOW you're going to be "splurging" at all, then why not start your weekend with a great workout?  Get up (even if it's a rest day) and workout anyways!  There's no harm in getting an extra calorie burn in before you go to a party!

Tips to stay on track this Labor Day! Julie Little

2) Stay on track during your other days/meals
So you have 1 or maybe 2 parties planned this weekend...don't throw the baby out with the bath water!  Be on point with your nutrition the rest of the weekend and allow yourself to enjoy a treat or 2 for your party!  Don't make it an "all or nothing" weekend!  

Tips to stay on track this Labor Day! Julie Little3)  Plan ahead
Planning is the KEY piece to your success!  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!  If you KNOW you'll be at a party or BBQ, you can probably have a rough guess as to what's being served.  Plan out on paper what your day will look like.  Start at the beginning of the day and plan it out.  Reserve enough calories or containers if you follow the 21 Day Fix so that you can enjoy your party!  Be an awesome guest that brings a dish!  If you bring something that you know you can eat and it is nutritious and satisfying, then you can munch on your item and know that you've got something to eat!

4)  Eat before you go!
If you know you'll be tempted with heavy and high fat foods, then what I like to do is have a nutritious meal (or my favorite is to drink a Shakeology) before I go to the party!  I will eat less and can keep busy by drinking water or tea!  Let's face're at a party and most likely there are enough people there that you won't be singled out if you don't have full portions of everything!  

Tips to stay on track this Labor Day! Blueberry Muffin Shakeology, Julie Little

5) 80/20 Rule - Everything in Moderation!
Eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is not a death sentence!  It's a lifestyle!  We ALL need good health!!  So what I like to say is live by the 80/20 rule!  80% of the time, eat spot on and healthy!  20% of the time, enjoy a treat, dessert, special meal or a drink!  It's all about moderation!  When you eat like this, you don't feel deprived!  It's all about moderation!  Know when enough is enough!
Tips to stay on track this Labor Day! 80/20 rule, Julie Little

Lastly...enjoy your last bit of summer!  Here are a couple recipes I like 

Delicious "pre party" meal - Blueberry Muffin Shakeology

Great appetizer or finger food (and packs a great source of protein) - Turkey Meatballs

Tips to stay on track this Labor Day! Turkey Meatballs, Julie Little

Perfect side dish  - Quinoa Salad

Healthy yet delicious dessert - Dark Chocolate Flourless Brownie Muffins

Tips to stay on track this Labor Day! Dark Chocolate Flourless Brownies, Julie Little

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