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21 Day Fix - Week 1 - Women's Update and Meal Plan

21 Day Fix Week 1 Update
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So I've completed week 1 of the NEW 21 Day Fix!  I'm really liking the program.  It was such a wake up call to me with the portion sizes I am supposed to have vs. the serving sizes I used to eat.  I followed the meal plan really well, although on Sunday I did have a bit of a "special treat" that I did not account for in my planning...

I stuck to every workout this week, the workouts are only 30 minutes long and it's easy to get through each of the workouts if time is an issue for you.  Now, don't get me wrong…the workouts aren't "easy"…they make you work and they are tough, but if you are a beginner, they are completely doable for you.  There are modified moves and you can take it at your own pace until you build up enough strength to increase your weights or graduate from the modified moves.

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Biggest struggles this week…

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  • The pre-measured containers take a bit to get used to.  Remember, you are most likely breaking old habits of eating too much of one food group at a time or too little of another, so you will need to adjust what you are used to eating.
  • Decreasing my yellow container (carb container).  Now, I don't feel like I ate a ton of carbs to begin with, however, my portion sizes for my oatmeal in the morning and my rice or quinoa in the evening had to be adjusted.  I found myself just taking out my morning oatmeal all together and just having my shake for breakfast.  
  • I need to drink more water!
  • It was a lot of work making sure I had my Green Container (veggies) all in for my day.  I thought I ate more veggies than I really did!  Oops!  

Loves for the week…

  • I really gained an understanding for correct sizes of portions!  
  • I was not as hungry as I thought I might be.
  • I felt like I was eating a LOT of food (I love food, so that's a great thing!)

Tips from this week…

  • If you find yourself getting hungry, look back at each food option and substitute a different food from that group and see if that will hold you over longer.  
  • I found that Greek Yogurt (red container) plus a fruit (purple container) was a really great and filling snack for me.  I felt like I was eating a lot of food at one time!
  • Get the workouts done FIRST THING in the morning!!  Makes the day run so much smoother!
  • PLAN AHEAD!  This is really tough if you don't plan ahead.  Bring your snacks with you if you are going out for the day!  Don't find yourself without your meal plan or snacks.

21 Day Fix Snack, 21 Day Fix Menu,
Favorite 21 Day Fix Snack!

Here's my meal plan for this week.  A lot of it is the same but changed the dinners up a bit!

21 Day Fix Meal Plan,
Meal Plan for Week 2 - 21 Day fix

Support and Accountability with 21 Day Fix

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