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Top 4 Tips on How to Save Money on Shakeology!

What is Shakeology?  In's a super nutrient dense superfood Shake!  It gives my body the natural energy to help me get past that "2 o'clock slump", it helps me stay full for at least 3 hours and totally helps me curb my cravings for sweets!!  It's my "go-to" quick and healthy meal! Check out all the details HERE!!

So let's get to the good do you save money on Shakeology?

How to save money on Shakeology, Julie Little Fitness,

Top 4 Tips on How to Save Money on Shakeology:

Shakeology Money Saving Tip #1: 

This is ALWAYS going to be your very best option in the value of your purchase and getting the most bang for your buck!!  With a Challenge Pack, you not only get a full 30 day supply (30 meals worth) of your Shakeology, but you also will get a fitness program of your of your choice.  The best part about this...Beachbody combines the fitness program and Shakeology into a money savings package for YOU!   These packages start as low as $140, that means you're getting a fitness program for as little as $10 more than the cost of your Shakeology!!  (Ask me for info on the current promotions going on!)

**Note: This savings package is ONLY available through a Team Beachbody Coach, don't have a coach??  I'd love to support you in your health journey:  Make me your coach!

How to save money on Shakeology, Challenge Pack Savings, Julie Little Fitness,

Shakeology Money Saving Tip #2: 

When you place a Shakeology order, be sure you choose to have your Shakeology on a Home Direct (auto ship) option.  This is going to save you close to $15 in shipping costs (I never like paying shipping)!  You can modify your flavor OR frequency of your shipments at your account or cancel your Home Direct at anytime by calling Team Beachbody directly!

How to save money on Shakeology, Keep Calm and Drink Shakeology, Julie Little Fitness,

Shakeology Money Saving Tip #3: 
Become a Discount Member 
(A.K.A "Discount Coach")

Who doesn't love to get a 25% discount on any purchase??  As a Discount Member, you are actually going to be signing up for a "coach account".  Don't let that scare you.  Basically what that means is that you have the discount benefits that I have as a coach, you will receive 25% off of anything you purchase from your Team Beachbody account.

Don't worry, you have NO requirements of selling anything, you can simply take advantage of the discount.  Being a "discount member" there is a monthly fee of $15.95 (this covers websites that you would use as a coach).  However, even though you have a monthly fee, you are STILL saving about $17 (before taxes and shipping) each month on your Shakeology (even after you pay the fee).    Not to mention, there's more to Beachbody than'll get 25% off of all the fitness programs and supplements also!!  BONUS!!!

How do you become a discount member??  The very best way is to purchase a $140 challenge pack (example in tip #1) and then you will actually get the $39.95 member/coaching fee waived at the same time you purchase your challenge pack!  From then on after that initial purchase, you'll receive 25% on all your purchases!!

How to save money on Shakeology, Shakeology Discount, Julie Little Fitness,

Shakeology Money Saving Tip #4: 
Get YOUR Shakeology PAID FOR through Referrals!

When you LOVE something...what do you do?  You tell EVERYONE about it!!  Am I right??
So, it's only natural that when you are feeling amazing, losing weight, feeling more energy, having decreased cravings, all from your Shakeology, you're going to want to share how incredible you feel! Why not EARN money as you share with everyone how you feel?!?!

When you are a coach and start to refer Shakeology to others, you earn 25% commissions on everything you refer to others (and you're getting a 25% discount on your Shakeology too!).  It only takes 3 referrals each month for your Shakeology to be PAID FOR!!  Not bad!!  Not to mention there are even more ways to earn, I'd love to share with you how!!

Are you ready to share your love for Shakeology with other people and change lives in the process?  If so, click the button below...don't worry, it's just to get to know more about you!  You're not locked into anything...just a way for you (and me) to gather more info!! :)

How to save money on Shakeology, Julie Little Fitness,

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