Thursday, February 4, 2016

FREE 5 Day Clean Eating - Love Yourself Challenge

It's the month of LOVE!! What does that mean? It means it's time to LOVE YOURSELF enough to take care of your health!! That's right! For 5 days, I want to help you focus on your health, changing up the way you eat, cleaning up your daily food to be less processed and more fresh and natural ingredients! Join me for 5 days starting on February 8th.

Free Clean Eating Group, Love Yourself Challenge

So, with that said...I have THREE options for you to get support this month… It’s YOUR choice, you pick then tell me how I can support you best! BALANCE is key - however, this month we are focusing on LOVING yourself enough to focus on your health…remember that in making your decision!

Option 1: FREE Clean Eating Group: starting Monday, February 8th. I'll provide a full 5-Day Grocery list, recipes and support. You'll have guidelines and a community of support to help you on your journey to greater health!

Option 2: FREE Clean Eating Group AND Support: through the month of February. Here we will share recipes, support, tips and tricks to staying on track, sample workouts. You can be in this group if you already have a Beachbody workout and are signed up with me as a coach (no purchase required). We will make it fun and you'll be in a private group with other women wanting to stay on track!!

Option 3: FREE Clean Eating Group AND Full Accountability Group: with me working One on One with YOU. Your health is a journey, you won’t be perfect every day, but it’s all about balance and learning to make health a lifestyle! You'll have 30 minutes of workouts, daily check ins, support, fun, recipes, daily superfood meal provided too. Every single one of my challengers gets RESULTS as long as they commit to doing the work, but we're on this journey together and no one gets left behind. I love the power of support in these groups, it sets each woman up for success -- These groups include real women seeking real results who have had real struggles in the past that have prevented them from believing in themselves…but together, as a group, we all hold one another up and it’s so encouraging to see others making changes!! If you’re ready to get started and realize NOW that it's time to make a change - LET'S TALK!

**'re not the only one who needs a change in their health! Please SHARE this with your friends/family and share on your wall! Let's change our health this month!
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So...Which option are you going to choose?

***Note this group is only for those that do not have a Beachbody coach already and are not currently a coach!

If you're interested, please fill the form out below!

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