Friday, April 3, 2015

The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

I always thought I "knew" how to make a hard boiled egg...I mean, how hard can it really be?  Well, I've tried many different ways, all of which have resulted in either under cooked or over cooked boiled eggs. Honestly, the worst is over cooked, I hate that brownish-green color around the yoke...then you eat the yoke and almost choke on it because it's so dry!  The under cooked eggs I don't mind as much, but still they are not ideal!

Boiled eggs are such a great snack, it packs a good amount of protein and great for on the go!  These are a staple for my kids and ME especially with the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan!!

The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg, eggs are great for snacks on the 21 Day Fix or any clean eating plan,
So, just in time for Easter, here you go!

Boiled Eggs

12 eggs at room temperature

1. Get a large saucepan and place the eggs inside.  Cover the eggs with cold water, at least covering by an inch.  Bring the water to a boil over medium to medium high heat.  Once water has reached a boil, turn off the heat, cover and remove from heat.  Let them sit covered for 10-12 minutes.

2.  Drain the hot water and immediately run under cold water to stop the cooking.  You can serve immediately or save in the fridge for later!

Thanks to Martha Stewart I now know how to make the perfect boiled egg!  :)

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