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3 Day Refresh Women's Update, Results and Review

The 3 Day Refresh has been out for a number of months now, and I hadn't yet tried it!  I've done the Ultimate Reset (you can see my reviews here), but had just never tried the 3 Day Refresh...Check out the full details of what the 3 Day Refresh is HERE!

3 day Refresh Update and Review, Julie Little,

So, I decided the 3 days before Thanksgiving that I would give myself an extra little boost of motivation before the temptations of Thanksgiving came upon me!

3 day Refresh Update and Review, Julie Little,
3 Day Refresh Results

I was mentally prepared to start, and I was busy on this day so it helped me not to focus on the smaller amount of food.

Here's the menu each day:

1)  Upon Waking - 8-10 ounces of water
2)  Breakfast - Shakeology shake mixed with water + 1 serving of Fruit  
     • Morning Tea - herbal or green tea (YES I had this) 
3)  Mid-Morning - Fiber Sweep (drink you mix with 8 oz of water)...surprisingly not too bad. 
4)  Lunch - Vanilla Fresh Shake (love this shake) + 1 serving of Fruit + 1 serving of Veggies + 1 serving of Healthy Fats 
5)  Afternoon Snack - 1 serving of Veggies + 1 serving of Healthy Fats 
    •  Afternoon Tea - herbal tea (optional) 
6)  Dinner - Vanilla Fresh Shake mixed with water +1 serving from Dinner Recipes (recipes provided) + optional 1 cup of organic vegetable broth.  
**The vegetable broth was SOO needed for me.  It tasted delicious and the first night I was so hungry that I actually had 2 cups of it!!
Day 1

3 day Refresh Update and Review, Julie Little, I did get up and do a Piyo workout before I started the wasn't too strenuous because I knew I wouldn't have a ton of calories.  Since you can't have coffee on this because it is a mini-detox and so that defeats the purpose.  So I did have some hot tea which helped me not to get raging headaches.  Day 1, I did have a bit of a headache but it wasn't unbearable.  I was hungry but not so much during the day, I made sure to drink lots of water.  The hardest was eating with my family because I had to make their meals and I had smaller meals and theirs smelled so good!  I was however very hungry at night.  I definitely wish the dinner was a bit larger.  I had some more herbal tea after dinner/ before bed because I was just really hungry then.  The strange thing was on the first day I was SO extremely tired.  I fell asleep on the couch while my family was watching a movie, like at 8pm...slept through the whole movie and went straight up to bed and slept all night!  That was odd!

3 day Refresh Update and Review, Julie Little,

Day 2

Doing something on the 2nd day is always easier because you know what to expect.  I was feeling better, I really didn't have too many times of being super hungry, but I kept up with my fluids like crazy!!  I'm telling you...that really helps!  Again my dinner was small, but very tasty.  I had the Stir-fry, which I do love!  I really like all the food on the program.  It's just a small amount...that's the only problem!  I am feeling a lot better and less bloated on day 2 which is awesome!!  Again, I worked out to Piyo, keeping it low impact and a light workout!  I had so much more energy on Day 2 than day 1...I didn't fall asleep on the couch super early like the first day!!

3 day Refresh Update and Review, Julie Little,

Day 3

Again, day 3 I worked out to Piyo, I really felt like I had a lot of energy in the morning when I worked out!  I felt great!  I did wake up hungry though.  I love all the shakes on the Refresh.  I forgot to have my apple at lunch (not sure how that happened), so I had it at my afternoon snack!  Again, because it is only 3 days, I'm really mentally IN IT!!  You can do ANYTHING for 3 days!  Yes, I've wanted to have bites of my kids meals but again, it's 3 days!!  So I am really excited about the results and feel so much better and less bloated!  I think it really makes a difference when you cut out a lot of animal product.  I noticed that same thing when I did the Ultimate Reset!  I did lay down for about 20 minutes on day 3 because I was really tired!  But overall, I felt good!!

3 day Refresh Update and Review, Julie Little,

Well...The results are in from the 3 Day Refresh!!  So I finished just in time for Thanksgiving and feel great!!  I lost 2.5 lbs and about 2 inches!!  But most of all it helped cut some cravings that I didn't want to have before Thanksgiving!  That was the main reason I did it before Thanksgiving...I wanted to make sure I stayed on track, I've been preaching it and I want to follow through on my end as well!!  So I don't think my pictures show really the difference I feel and the success I feel like this Refresh was.  I feel "tighter" all around and feel like my "love handles" are decreased and that the poofiness around my middle was drastically decreased!!  So overall I just feel a lot thinner and tighter!  I really liked these 3 days and would definitely do it again!  I feel like it helped me get out of feeling the need to "munch" and "snack".  So overall, I would totally recommend this...I don't know if I'll do this on a monthly basis, but I think it's something I will add in every couple months!  It is definitely something that you can do every single month!  Which, that's pretty cool, because you could actually do this at the beginning of every month and then use that as a jump start to stay on track the rest of the you could easily lose a couple pounds each month with this!!

If you'd like to try it out EMAIL me or check it out HERE!!

3 Day Refresh Women's Results and Update!,

Need Extra Support and a jump start after Thanksgiving??

3 Day Refresh Women's Results and Update!,

So...Thanksgiving is only a couple days you need a 3 Day Refresh to get back on track?  I've found it's REALLY good to shed a few pounds quickly and safely!!  If you're interested...please email me for more information or fill out the application below.  I have a 21 day accountability group starting on December 1st that I would love to plug you into!!

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