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Thanksgiving Survival Guide - 5 Tips on How to Save your Waistline this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Survival Guide,, 5 Survival Tips for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a meal typically known to be a "gorge-fest".  Why is it the one day each year where we feel like it's ok to eat almost 4 days worth of calories in 1 day?  The typical Thanksgiving day, the average American will consume close to 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat!  IN ONE DAY!!!  This usually comes from snacking all day and of course "The Big Meal"...and don't forget dessert...or 2!!

So...what is your plan for Thanksgiving?  Are you going to just throw your hands up and say, "who cares, it's one day"?  Or are you going to say, "I'm going to enjoy one cheat meal (not cheat DAY)"?

Well, my goal this year for myself is to enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner and have that be my cheat meal, but not go overboard.  Have ONE plate and ONE dessert and enjoy it!  Honestly, I HATE how I have felt in years past after Thanksgiving this year, it will be different!

My goal for YOU is to help give you tools so that you can do the same and NOT have the guilty and stuffed feeling after your dinner! are some easy tips for you this Thanksgiving to help save your waistline!

1.  Plan Ahead
I know this sounds silly but if you have a PLAN you are always more successful!  I know you may be in a situation that you are a guest and don't know what you will have, but you can still mentally prepare.  If you go into your day knowing that you are going to stick to your portions sizes and certain dishes, etc. then you will be FAR more successful.  Now, same goes if you PLAN to have cheat items.  Plan for it.  KNOW what you are eating and be ok with that.

For me, I know what is always cooked at Thanksgiving dinner and I know where I want to indulge a little more and what items I want to pass up.  Then, when I follow my plan, there is no guilty feeling that comes with it!
Eat this not that for Thanksgiving Dinner, Proper portion sizes for Thanksgiving Dinner,, 5 Survival Tips for Thanksgiving

2.  Know Your Portion Sizes
Proper portion sizes for Thanksgiving Dinner,, 5 Survival Tips for Thanksgiving
Proper Portion Sizes
Let's face it...when we think of portions, generally speaking, Americans are used to super sizing everything.  Right?  So, we need to focus on what a serving size really is...check out this image over to the right.  Eat small portions of the dishes.  Keep it small so you can enjoy your dinner and all the sides that go along with it and not be stuffed at the end!

3.  Have ONE serving!
Raise your hand if you've ever gone back for seconds or thirds for Thanksgiving dinner?  I'm guilty...but do we really need it?  Have you ever gone away from those extra servings saying, "WOW, I felt great after that extra serving?"  Not me...I'm always feeling super yucky after extra servings.  So, plan your meal out and just eat ONE time!!!

4.  Limit your alcohol! can really go overboard with the booze and just start packing on the calories here.  Go into your day with a PLAN again with how much alcohol you're going to allow yourself.  Will that be a glass before dinner?  One during?  Plan for it!  You definitely don't need to be drinking all day long!  And don't forget to load up on your WATER!!!

This should actually be Tip #1...But it can really go for number 1 and 5!!  First thing's first...get up on Thursday morning and get your body moving.'s a holiday, but you know it's a day where you are going to be eating a lot of food. So, GET UP and do some kind of exercise.  Whether it's a Turkey Trot in your local town or you get to the gym or like me, I'll be working out with Shaun T and T25!!  The point is, get your metabolism moving first thing in the morning.  Then, after your dinner, get
outside and walk around the block or do some family activity, play a game of family football in the backyard.  Something instead of sitting on the couch waiting to eat dessert!!!

Get up and workout on Thanksgiving morning,, 5 survival tips for thanksgiving
You may not want to...but do it anyways!
Get up and workout on Thanksgiving morning,, 5 survival tips for thanksgiving
Go out for a morning run!


Do you need a little extra TLC after Thanksgiving?  You don't have to wait until the New Year to get your health and waistline back in check!!  Why not start after Thanksgiving?

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