Monday, November 3, 2014

The "Little" Halloween

I thought I'd share a little bit with you and our Halloween this past weekend!  Nothing be honest, I'm not much of a "Halloween" person and have never liked dressing up.'s totally for my kiddos and that's great!  I do love carving pumpkins though so we do a couple of those each year!

Living in Southern California, we really don't have much of a fall (this so deeply disappoints me, fall is my FAVORITE time of year!!), it really doesn't cool down much until we hit Halloween.  By this time I'm ready to pull out my sweaters and boots and change over my wardrobe!  Unfortunately I find myself in summerish type clothes far too much!!  But...back to Halloween...

So, being that it is so warm in October, we really have to wait to the last minute to carve our pumpkins so they don't rot before halloween.  So...nothing like REALLY waiting till the last moment.  My husband went out the night before to go get a couple to carve, only to find that every store was sold out.  Finally on the 4th store he found 2 small ones!!  When the kids were in bed that night he prepped them so they'd be ready to be carved before they went to school on Halloween morning!

It was also Crazy Hair Day at school...hence the reason Anthony's hair is all crazy!!!

Finally old enough to cut them all 100% by themselves!!

The finished product!  Looks great!!

We had a little neighborhood potluck and I decided to make a healthy dish that I found on Pinterest...turned out pretty good, but it definitely was a little more difficult than I expected!!  LOL

Healthy Halloween Side Dish!!
Plus...I decided to bring my meal along with me as I was finishing up the Ultimate Reset, so here's my healthy Halloween meal!!!

Ok...Halloween night!!  I realized I didn't get good pic of my kiddos in the hustle of everything, but here's a few!  It's tradition that we always go trick-or-treating with the they made the hour trek up and off we went!!

Halloween 2014

Cousins and Best Buddies Chia-Pet!

So, this was really awesome...We got back a little early from Trick-or-treating because it started raining.  (Yes...the one day that it rains in probably over 100 days in Southern California is on Halloween night!)...well, we had run out of stuff to hand out at our house, so Anthony and 2 of his cousins decided to take their candy and hand it out to other kids coming to our door!!  Seriously?  That was the easiest way to get rid of candy EVER!!!  So, he handed out most all of his candy and was only left with a small zip lock baggie full!!!  Love it...train them to be healthy at a young age and this is what will happen!!!

Now, I know that the holidays are difficult with all the food and sweets but I want to invite you to join my 3-session accountability can join at any session but it will help keep you on track between Halloween and New Years!!  If you're interested in having success or not being one of the statistics of gaining 5-8 lbs during this holiday season, fill out the application below!!

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