Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 1 - 21 Day Fix -- Round 2

21 Day Fix
21 Days Starts NOW!
Well, I am on to Round 2 with 21 Day Fix…Although…I've got to be completely honest with you about Round 1 for me….I didn't fully complete it to the degree that I wanted to.  I cheated the program and myself (full confession!!)!  I started out strong and was seeing results, and honestly I think I got "too comfortable" thinking I knew the full program and how the food worked.  I have learned that I'm a "stress" eater (can anyone relate?).   I was dealing with some stressful stuff in addition to a ski vacation during one of the weeks of the program, and now looking back and reflecting on it all…I didn't handle that time well and the way that I KNOW I should have handled things.  Let's face it, we are all human and fully blow it sometimes, and this was my time, but I have moved on and the pity party has stopped!!  So, all of that to say…this is round 2 for me, but it's really a fully committed round 1, if you want to say that!

21 Day Fix, Make yourself STRONG,

So, in this past week or so, I've had time to realize that my mind was not where I needed it to be nor where I wanted it to be.  There needed to be a change, a new commitment and "GO TIME"!  And this is it!!!  21 Days to regain my healthy habits!

21 Day Fix, 21 Days for a new habit,
21 Day Fix - 21 Days to a New Habit!

So, even though I had continued to workout during the last 21 Days of the FIX, my heart and my commitment was lacking.  I was not fully in it like I've been in the past.  The passion was lacking.  But, I'm here and ready to FULLY commit to these 21 Days, just like my amazing challengers have done!

21 Day Fix, workout for a good mood!
Press Play!

This weekend was a busy weekend for me, so I've had to find ways to prep and set myself up for success.  So one thing is that I'm going back to my very first week of my meal plan.  It's already made and sometimes as busy moms, we've just got to make our lives easier…so next week, you'll see an all new meal plan from me, but this week you get a repeat!  :)

21 Day Fix Meal Plan, week 1
21 Day Fix Meal Plan - Week 1
I've completed my workout for today, which was Total Body Cardio Fix plus I added in the 10- Minute Ab Fix today too!

So today starts a new beginning…new commitment…new start!  We all need that once and a while.  Mine is NOW!

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