Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week 4 - P90X3 Progress Update - Transition Week

I've just completed week 4 of P90X3.  This week was called a "Transition" week, which I thought meat more like a "rest" week…well, not so much!  (See the first 2 weeks here, and the 3rd week here).

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Day 1 - Isometrix
I was really shocked with this one and how difficult it was.  It was like yoga on steroids!  It was really good, but I found out how out of balance I really am at times.  This was a hardcore workout for me!

Day 2 - Dynamix
This workout, in the first 3 weeks was an optional Sunday workout, or could have been a rest day, but this week was part of the normal workouts.  It's a stretching workout, but an athletic stretching.  I really liked it and felt like I got a great stretch.  There was also a good amount of movement involved, too!

Day 3 - Accelerator
Ouch!  Didn't expect this workout!!!  Like I said…I thought this was a REST week…WRONG!  There was NO REST with this workout!  I'll be honest with you…I woke up this morning and REALLY struggled to get out of bed.  That's not too normal for me, which usually helps me know that sometimes my body is really talking to me about what it needs.  But, I got up and pushed through the workout.  Now, it wasn't pretty, I really was NOT motivated.  It was tough, the morning itself was tough getting up.  So, I would venture to day this was not my best/prettiest workout.  However…I showed up…I did it and I moved forward because of it!  No one ever said it had to be pretty!

Commitment over motivation!, P90X3
Push forward!

Day 4 - Pilates X
Ohh my…  I haven't done floor Pilates in a LONG time.  I've done more of the Pilates reformer work which I think the floor work is harder!  So, I really didn't know what to expect with this one…I liked it a lot, but it was HARD for me.  I really need to strengthen my core.  I know I'll get better at this, but it was not an easy one for me!

Day 5 - CVX
Ok…complete honesty.  I love this workout…but I din't do it this week.  Like I said above, I'm also learning to listen to my body this week.  I know the difference between just being sore and needing to rest my body.  I'm at the latter of the two!  So I did take this day off and didn't do this workout.  

Day 6 - X3 Yoga
I still really like this one.  I am getting better at my moves with this, my balance is better here too!  My favorite move is the Tree and then extending my leg while holding my toe!  Don't ask me why that's my favorite one…but it is!  :)  

P90X3 Yoga -
Favorite X3- Yoga Pose

So…to sum it up…this was an OK week for me.  It wasn't my best, but I did show up most days!  That's what matters!!

Done is Better than Perfect.

Meal Plan for Next week

Clean Eating Meal Plan - P90X3,

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