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Week 1 and Week 2- P90X3 Women's Progress Update and Meal Plan

P90X3 - P90X3 Women's Progress Update

Wahoooo!  This update is a little late coming, nonetheless I wanted to do a weekly update on my journey through P90X3-- a 90 Day fitness program.  I was SO excited to get this program started.  To be honest with you I had some mixed feelings about this new program in the P90X family.  I tried out P90X about 4 years ago, and at that time in my life I just couldn't stick with it and commit to the long workouts... I did it for about 4-5 weeks but only about 4 days a week.  I saw results, but wasn't changing my eating habits at that time so the results weren't as I had hoped for…

Fast forward 4 years later…
P90X3 - P90X3 Women's Progress Update

P90X3 was announced.  Now this got my attention.  P90X style, but only THIRTY MINUTES LONG!!!  I was so intrigued and couldn't wait until it was released!  I must say, I was a bit nervous and not sure what to expect, but went for it anyways starting on December 30th, 2013!!

4 Schedule Options 
The great thing about X3, is that there are many options for every type of fitness level.  You've got 4 different schedule options to choose from, Classic, Lean, Mass and Doubles!  For me, I decided to start off with Classic Schedule!

Classic is for total body fitness, Classic is the program of choice, with balance of cardio and resistance.  Muscle confusion is still a part of this schedule and will help you gain muscle, lose fat and move better!

Lean is for those who are looking for a more toned look.  This is not necessarily best for weight loss but for leaning out.  Both classic and lean can work equally well.  But instead of muscular hypertrophy, the target here is mobility, functionality, and cardio fitness.  You'll gain muscle and lose fat and stay strong but just lean out!

Mass are for those looking to get ripped or bulk up.

Doubles just another niche rotation.  This is not the program for everyone, but for some you may be interested.  You'll want to make sure you go through one round of 90 days before adding doubles to your routine.

Here's what my Classic Schedule looks like.

P90X3 Classic Schedule,
P90X3 Classic Schedule

Monday:  Total Synergistic - This was a really great intro to easing into push-ups and pull-ups.  It had a great total body flow to it.  I felt like I worked everything from top to bottom.  Plie squats, boat plow, side raises, balance moves and more!  Total body and only 30 minutes!!

Tuesday:  Agility X - I loved this workout.  Another full body workout.  It was fast moving and fun!  With this workout you need some tape on the floor so you have targets to hit as you're moving throughout the workout.  With these moves you'll use both aerobic and anaerobic energy, focusing on precision, power flexibility, balance and strength.  These targeted movements force explosion, deceleration, and proprioceptive adaptations which increase ability to move effortlessly through extended periods of time!

Wednesday:  X3 Yoga - So, I've never been a fan of yoga…until NOW!  I really like this workout!  When I tried out the first P90X, I hated the yoga session because it was 90 minutes long.  This is 30 minutes long and it's placed perfectly in the middle of the week after being sore from the first 2 workouts.  This increased flexibility, balance, stamina, and core.

X3 Yoga - P90X3 Women's Progress Update
X3 Yoga

Thursday:  The Challenge - Well, yes, it's named "The Challenge" for a good reason.  It about killed me!  Push-Ups…Pull-Ups...Push-Ups…Pull-Ups...Push-Ups…Pull-Ups…and more…  I didn't know it was possible for me to do that many in one session!  It's all about effectiveness.  You'll use the moves in various ways and strengthen every muscle in the upper body!  I used a combination of bands in place of the pull-ups and also the pull-up assist with the pull-up bar.  I can't wait until I can do 1 pull up all by myself!

Friday:  CVX - This is not your normal cardio workout!  Great combination of cardio and resistance with intervals.  This is a full-body burn and will also strengthen your core.

Flex Friday - P90X3 Women's Progress Update
Flex Friday
Saturday: The Warrior - A total body workout…no equipment needed and you'll get a good sweat going on!  It's a lot of fun, so come ready to bring it!

Sunday:  I rested this day!  My body definitely needed it!

Week 2 was the same order of workouts…

So after the first week of P90X3…I was definitely sore.  I've had a blast with all the new workouts, but notice that this is very different from Focus T25 that I had completed prior to P90X3.  Neither is better than the other, just different.  I enjoyed the mix that X3 gave with more of the muscle training with weights and bands.  I am looking to build a little more muscle along with leaning out too.  I feel like this is going to be a great combo for doing that.  Week 1 took me a little while to get used to some of the moves, but like anything new, you've gotta learn it first!

Sore Muscles - P90X3 Women's Progress Update

Week 2  came along and and I felt so much more confident in my workouts, I knew the moves better and was able to keep up a bit more with them.  I already, just in the first week felt like I got stronger and felt more comfortable pushing myself even one rep or push/pull-up more than the first week.  I  know it's the small changes like that that will ultimately push my body to getting the results I'm looking for.  I've gotta say that "The Challenge" workout I really pushed harder this week than last and I am totally feeling that workout.  My entire upper body is sore, but a really good sore!  I know consistency is key…it's easy to want to skip some workouts or sleep in, but that's not going to get me the results I want at the end of 90 days...

Here are some of the pics that keep me going!

Fitness Motivation - Goals - P90X3 Women's Progress Update
Fitness Motivation Goals

Now…working out is not the only factor in reaching your health and fitness goals.  Part 2 is your nutrition!!!  Yes…whether you like it or not, 80% of your results come from what you eat!  You can workout all you want, but if your nutrition isn't in line to feed your body the nutrients it needs to grow strong muscles and burn fat, then you won't be reaching your ultimate health and fitness goals.  

Clean Eating Principles - P90X3 Women's Progress Update
Clean Eating Principles

I'll show you my meal plan for my first week of P90X3 and also some principles of clean eating.  I hope this can help you in your nutrition decision.  (Please keep in mind, these are the principles I follow and how I choose to eat, I am not a nutritionist).

Clean Eating Meal Plan - P90X3 Women's Progress Update

Don't forget to drink your water…this is sometimes the hardest thing for people.  It seems so easy, but I know for me, I really have to make a point to get 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water down a day! 

Drink Water - P90X3 Women's Progress Update

I will continue to update my progress throughout my journey of P90X3.  This is 90 days, so each week make sure to check back in for an update of my progress, my struggles, my results and everything!

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P90X3 Challenge Pack on Sale Now, P90X3 women's progress update
P90X3 Challenge Pack on Sale NOW!

If you would like to be a part of one of my Fitness Challenge Groups and participate using P90X3 please fill out the application below to reserve a spot in my next group.  Here you will have accountability, support, daily motivation, meal planning support, tips on eating out and sticking to your plan, and more!

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