Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to Lose the "Freshman 15" Now that You're Back From College for the Summer!

School's Out!!!  I remember those summers when I was home from college after having lived in the dorms all year long...realizing that I had packed on some pounds during the school year and feeling disgusted with myself.  I sat there in disbelief trying to figure out how to get those stinky pounds off during the summer!

How to lose the "Freshman 15" now that you're back from college for the summerAt that time in my life, I just really didn't know what to do.  I thought I knew how to "eat healthy".  But honestly it was not really "healthy".  Thinking that eating less would get me to lose the weight instead of fueling my body the way it needed in order to give my body proper nutrients to get my body working and shedding the pounds!  If I only knew then what I knew now!  There was one summer I was so desperate that I went on Jenny Craig for a few months, but that only taught me how to pop something into the microwave and eat it instead of teaching me how to live for a lifetime!

So...I know how you feel now that you're back from college and thinking, "What do I do now?".  Well, I'm here to help you!  I only wish I knew what proper nutrition was when I was in school.

MY GOAL is to teach you HOW to eat healthy for a lifetime!  To be able to help you lose the weight you gained during the school year and give you to tools that you can take back with you next school year and continue your health journey without feeling like you are out of control again being back at school!  There is NO need for you to starve yourself to lose weight, that's only going to create more harm than good!!!

 Women's Transformation, How to lose the "freshman15" now that you're back from college for the summer, Julie Little,

What's the Scoop?

I'm looking for 10 college women!
This will be a focus on nutrition first!  To teach you HOW to live healthy (not only in the summer but once you're back in school).

 Women's Transformation, How to lose the "freshman15" now that you're back from college for the summer, Julie Little,
Feel Confident in your Bikini
This is the IDEAL time for you to commit because:
  • You will LEARN proper nutrition without the stress of balancing school.
  • You will LEARN simple, easy to follow recipes AND how to choose healthy choices once you're back at school.
  • It's better time to get your "pre-school" body back in shape to fit into and feel confident in your bikini!
Who is this group for?
  • College Students who are unhappy with the extra weight gained during your school year.
  • ANY of your friends who feel the same, unhappy, disgusted and not confident in your clothes anymore! (Have friends to refer?  Ask me about my referral program)
Give me ALL the Details!

 You'll purchase the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack (this will give you everything you need for the full 30 day accountability group)
  1. You'll be given simple to follow 21 Day Fix meal plan
  2. I'll teach you HOW to plan your own meals (and you'll have the future tools to take back with you to school to continue a healthy lifestyle)!  
  3. You'll replace ONE meal a day with nutrient dense Shakeology to make sure the unwanted pounds stay off and to give you a quick, easy and healthy meal in your busy summer schedule (instead of feeling the need to fill your "quick fixes" with calorie packed Starbucks drinks.)
  4. Commit 30 minutes a day for your 21 Day Fix workout that you can do in the comfort of your own home, living room, apartment...small space needed only!

  • EXTRA "KICKSTART" CREDIT:  For an extra UMPH to your 30 days, you can kickstart our 30 days with a 3 Day Refresh to get rid of any excess "school daze" bloat that you feel you've picked up over your college year! 

  • Are you up for the challenge and ready to commit?

    21 Day Fix Transformation, Women's Transformation, How to lose the "freshman15" now that you're back from college for the summer, Julie Little,
    21 Day Fix Woman's Transformation

    I want to teach YOU how to live a healthy lifestyle during your college years.  Help you have a positive body image as you continue to grow as a woman and help you to love your body and respect it by living healthy!

     Women's Transformation, How to lose the "freshman15" now that you're back from college for the summer, Julie Little,

    Limited to 10 spots...they will fill fast.
    Please fill out the application below to be considered.
    *serious inquires only please.

    Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.

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