Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Taco Tuesday! Clean Eating Tacos!!

I know today is Wednesday... but, this was our dinner last night for Taco Tuesday!!  It's a favorite in our house!  It's the one meal that I know everyone gladly chows down every single week without complaining!  It's quick and easy and it's a winner all around and we never want to miss it!

Taco Tuesday, Clean eating tacos that the whole family will love!!
Healthy Taco Tuesday

So, this recipe has evolved over the years as our family has grown and they now eat a LOT more food!!  What used to be my 1 lb of ground turkey meat suddenly wasn't enough to feed the masses!  So, I've had to find different ways of increasing bulk but not sacrificing taste or healthiness!

What I started doing, which has worked wonderfully, is adding black beans and brown rice to my ground turkey and it still tastes the same but makes the meat go a lot further!  The amount you add of each is totally up to you, depending on how far you need for the meal to go!!

  • 1 lb ground turkey (browned)
  • cooked brown rice (optional - and the amount can vary, I used probably 3-4 cups cooked)
  • black beans (I use 2 cans drained)
  • 21 Day Fix Taco seasoning (to taste)

After the meat and rice are cooked, mix all the above ingredients together until heated.

  • Spinach or lettuce
  • Avocado
  • Cheese
  • Greek Yogurt mixed with lime (instead of sour cream)
  • Cilantro
21 Day Fix Approved Containers:

1 Red (ground turkey and greek yogurt combo)
2 Yellow (includes rice, beans and 2 corn tortillas)
1 Green (from tomatoes and spinach)
1 blue (1/2 from avocado, 1/2 from cheese)

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  1. Julie, it look as if you serve your taco filling on some type of shell. What do you use?

    1. This is just a corn tortilla. It's just laying flat in that pic, but it's not a hard shell. :)