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My Journey from Shape Magazine to a Daily Exercise Habit to Incorporating Nutrition and the 21 Day Fix!

The other day I was sitting with a friend who had a bunch of magazines lying around.  I'm not much of a magazine person at this time in my life, I honestly don't have the time or interest to sit down and read all the articles!  Nor do I want to waste the extra expense if I don't fully read it!

However, looking through her Shape magazine it suddenly brought me back to some memories I had of always searching for a SOLUTION for my up and down weight and feeling good about myself!  Years ago, I would often purchase magazines like Shape or Fitness because I was just trying to find a way that I could get in shape like so many of those women featured in the magazine, who knows...they could have all been airbrushed...but nonetheless I was searching for what to do.  I would cut out the pages of the magazine and try and "trouble shoot" my problem tummy, hips, thighs...whatever it may be!  I would do some of those exercises for a couple days and then not continue.

I just remember always wishing I could get results like that.  Thinking if I just followed those 5 exercises that it could happen.  But there were many parts missing.  What were they???  For me, this is what was missing:

Accountability is the glue that times commitment to the result!, I'm ready to help you get the accountability you need to get the results you want. 1) Accountability:  The magazine clip out didn't check in with me daily.  It sat on my dresser not even caring if I did the exercises or not!

2)  You can't trouble shoot your problem areas:  These 5 or so workouts they would give in the magazine articles were great, but you're not going to get the overall body transformation from 5 different exercise moves.  It didn't suggest full body training or cardio in these articles!

3)  No nutritional plan:  With these articles I would clip out, there was nothing that talked about your nutrition and that in order to get results like these models you've got to change your daily nutritional habits.  Now, it may say a snip it about nutrition, but it didn't teach me how to do it!  That's what I needed...someone to help me understand the full extent of how to eat healthy, what that looked like and what kind of portions I needed have each meal!  I was clueless what that looked like!

It takes motivation to get started but the habit is what keeps you going.
4) Daily Motivation:  I am someone who thrives from motivation!  Sometimes I can motivate myself, but not in all areas of my life.  Especially at the time of my magazine clip outs...I was motivated for the 30 minutes that I was reading that magazine.  But it stopped as soon as I set the clipping on my dresser!  I forgot about it, I got overwhelmed thinking I would never get results like I want...I sabotaged myself just in my thinking!  So... I quit!

5)  Support:  The magazine clipping didn't give me the support I needed.  It was a resource, a picture, an ideal that I felt like I couldn't reach.  It was not someone on the other side of the clipping saying..."Don't give up", "You can do this", "Let me help you"!  Last time I checked, magazines didn't talk or give me personal support and daily motivation and help!!

For many years I went through this process of clipping exercise moves thinking this was the way to go.  But it never worked for me!  I continued to find things that I thought would work...gyms and classes that I would attend for only a month or 2, back in college I did Jenny Craig, I tried various other activities or exercises and it just didn't work for me.  Why?  For me, it came down to support and motivation.  I discovered that I work best and get the greatest success when someone has my back!  When someone is asking me how my day went, when someone is giving me to tools to know how to eat and how much to eat, when I have the daily support and motivation!

So...what was that for me?  It was finally discovering a Challenge Group.  Plugging into the daily support, motivation, guidance, teaching and a group of people working toward the same goal!!  It was surrendering myself to get accountability from others who have succeed, who have gone through the same testing of other things that I did.

I'm doing this for ME.  Commit to your daily success with the 21 Day Fix, get the results you want and the support you need!

Can you relate to this process of clipping magazine articles, "Pinning" various exercises that target your "problem" areas, seeing images of how you WANT to be but not knowing how to get there?

If you can relate to this...I have a solution!  This is what has finally worked for ME.  It's what I teach my other challengers to do and it's what has brought success to so many of my challengers who step up and say "I need a change, can you help?!"

A challenge group is a safe place for accountability, support, motivation.  It will help you get the results you want with the support you need.
What is a Challenge Group and Who is it For?
Pretty much, in a's what I mentioned above.  It's a support/accountability group.

  • It is a SAFE place for people of all kinds of fitness levels, knowledge and understanding.  
  • It's for those who are out of shape and never worked out to those who are seasoned fitness gurus and want to bump up their results.  
  • It's for people who have 100+ pounds to lose or those who only need to lose the last 5-10 lbs (and anything in between).  
  • It's for people who want to learn how to eat clean and healthy, what kind of portions to eat and how much each day!
  • It's for people like YOU and ME!!

What is my favorite program to get started especially for those who don't have nutritional understanding?
When I first joined a challenge group, I was introduced to clean eating.  I learned the basics of it and had great success.  However, when the 21 Day Fix was first released in February 2014, this brought it to a whole new level of understanding.  It taught me what were the appropriate portion sizes to have at each meal and how much of each food group I should be eating every day. It took all the guess work out of what I needed in order to be successful!

The 21 Day Fix accountability group, know how to eat the right kinds of food and proper portions,
The 21 Day Fix portioned containers!

This has also helped countless challengers have amazing success!!  It's exciting to see people take the tools they are finally given and have it change their lives!  They now have a nutritional lifestyle they can live with on a daily basis.  This is not a diet, it's a lifestyle!  

Clean Eating + Exercise is the recipe for success.

So...I want to help YOU!!  Are you ready for a change and a way to finally stop the yo-yo dieting or not knowing what direction to go or how to get there?  Let me help you make a change that is not a diet...but a lifestyle!  Are you ready?  Let's GO!

I want to get you plugged into my upcoming Accountability Group to get you the support and motivation you need to get the results you want...the be the HEALTHY person you desire!  

Don't Quit, not you, not this time.

If you're interested in making a change, please fill out this application so that I can know your goals and know how to best help you!  Please don't be scared...these groups are a private and SAFE place for anyone!  The goal is to help you reach your goals!

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