Monday, January 26, 2015

Insanity Max:30 Women's Progress Update and Meal Plan - Week 5 & 6

Ok, so I 'm a bit behind in my Insanity Max apologies!  Well, 2 weeks ago I started month 2!  I was surprised to find how much harder it really was!  I know I have been getting so much stronger, but even with my gained strength and increased stamina it was still a week of the hardest workouts I've ever done!
Insanity Max:30 Women's Progress Update - Week 5 & 6, Friday Fight,
I was sore...but could still walk!

So the line up for month 2 is this (and in my on words...month one on crack!)

Monday:  Max Out Cardio
Tuesday:  Max Out Power
Wednesday:  Max Out Sweat
Thursday:  Max Out Strength (I think this is my favorite...with major jello arms)
Friday:  Friday Fight: Round 2 (absolutely the toughest workout ever!) the biggest difference I notice from month 1 to month 2 is the breaks.  Shaun T doesn't mess around in the second month.  The breaks are fewer and further between...So, I've found that once I max out, then if I need a drink I have to excuse myself and get one real quick and come back.

I am getting better on my max out times, but in month 2 I have noticed that I max out SO many more times throughout the rest of the workout!  It just doesn't stop coming!!!  You really have to push through and it truly is a Mind Over Matter mentality that I'm learning how to better do each day!

Insanity Max:30 Women's Progress Update - Week 5 & 6, I am my greatest enemy,
So week one I got through pushing hard and I wasn't necessarily "can't walk sore" but I more so had really tired out muscles.  I got through the week though...

As week 2 of month 2 came around I assessed my last 5 weeks and realized that while I was getting stronger and really doing well in the nutrition was NOT spot on!  I needed a major change in my mind and how I was doing my nutrition.  I'm getting good results so far but not what I want.  The number on the scale is pretty much the same but I know that my clothes are fitting better!

Insanity Max:30 Women's Progress Update - Week 5 & 6,

So, it was time to do a clean sweep of my nutrition and that's what I did this went perfectly and I really stuck to my meal plan.  I think I'm going to keep it mostly the same for a while!

Insanity Max:30, 21 Day Fix Meal Plan,, Women's Results and Progress Update
Insanity Max:30 Meal Plan Week 6

Now, week 2 workout...last week it killed me!  I struggled so much with energy.  It was a really texting and trying week for me!  I really struggled with having the energy to get through my workout and I just felt my body was really struggling to push itself!  I've not felt that way in a long time.  So I did sleep in some days and worked out later in the morning.  That helped.  But I made it through the week (barely!).  I was really happy to have Saturday as a rest body needed that for sure!

My plan for week 7 is to continue to be right on my nutrition.  That is the magic of the program!!!  It doesn't happen with a poor diet...or even a healthy diet of too much food!  That's where I fell into.  I was eating healthy but not the proper nutrition!
Insanity Max:30, 21 Day Fix Meal Plan,, Women's Results and Progress Update
Week 7 Insanity Max:30 Meal Plan
So...week 7...bring it on!  Perfect nutrition and I think I'm going to order myself some Energy and Endurance! I think that will help me get through my workouts more effectively at 5am!!

Energy and Endurance,

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