Friday, September 26, 2014

What's Going on in October?

I wanted to update you on all the new things that I currently have going on that can benefit you. My goal is to provide you with accountability and support groups that challenge you to continue or start your health lifestyle.

SHAKEOLOGY SMACKDOWN:  Starting on October 6th I have a 30 day Shakeology group. If you have been wanting to try Shakeology but you are afraid that you won’t like it or that you won’t see a change then this is the group for you. The only commitment is 30 days of Shakeology. In the group I will provide you with daily tips, recipes, motivation and accountability. We will discuss how to slowly change the other meals of the day and make better choices. Contact me for information on how you can get into this group!
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P90:  Did you know that there is a brand new workout program that has just been released? P90 is the on switch to fitness. It is geared towards people who want a beginner level workout program. It has easy to follow simple moves that anyone can learn. It also has great modifications and gradually increases in intensity levels. It is a 90 day fitness program that has 3 phases and the workouts range from 15-35 minutes each day. I am hosting an exclusive P90 test group for my customers/coaches only! It will begin on October 6th. The entire fitness program and Shakeology are required to participate. We will track progress, create goals, and work together to help you reach your goals. Are you interested? Hit me up today!
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Mom’s on a Mission: Coming to you on October 20th! A 60 day accountability and support group meant to give you top notch support in jump starting your fitness and health. As a mom myself I find it very hard to put myself first for even 30 minutes a day.
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 Then, I feel guilty for enforcing healthy foods on my kids. In reality, this is the best decision 
I could make. Making sure that I am eating healthy, exercising and setting the example for the rest of my family. But I’m not wonder woman so how do I do it all! Well let me share with you my top tips, my meal plans, my tricks to getting my kids to eatingwhat I eat and how to squeeze in a daily workout! Message me to snag a spot in this exclusive accountability and support group!
NEW COACH BOOTCAMP: What’s new on the coaching front!!! Have you ever considered becoming a coach? Do you want to at least get the 25% discount on everything you purchase each month. Think about it, your shakeology at a 25% discount is sweet! Totally worth it if you are a regular customer. If you are a customer and people are starting to ask you about your results, are telling you that you have inspired them, or you feel awesome and want to shout it from the rooftops then contact me about becoming a coach on the #1 team in the company. We will be running a new coach bootcamp starting October 6th and I only have a few spots left. So don’t delay and please complete the application below if you would like to be considered.
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If you would like to listen to the call from the #1 Coach in Beachbody about what exactly Beachbody Coaching is like on my team check out the recording.

Please let me know if you are interested in participating in any of these groups!
I look forward to hearing from you and have a great day!
Email me or fill out one of these applications!

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