Friday, September 12, 2014

The 3 Types of Beachbody Coaches

I am so excited to be growing my Beachbody team, I think of it as a FAMILY!!  I'm so passionate about Beachbody and being able to help others reach their full potential, to be able to speak a belief into others that empower them as individuals.  I know that this opportunity has been such a blessing to me and my family and to those I have the privilege of coaching with.  We have an amazing team of highly successful coaches and leaders who are ready and willing to share their knowledge and tips and advice!  You will be able to do this at YOUR own pace!  You walk - I walk.  You run - I run.  You sprint - I sprint.  The choice is yours!

We are a team...we do this together, share ideas, help each other, encourage and motivate one another, there's no reason to re-invent the wheel!

The 3 Types of Beachbody Coaches, Julie Little, Beachbody Coach, HealthyFitFocused,

Remember, that everyone starts at a different place, and a different reason why they want to be a coach.  Not every has the same goals or dreams...and that's ok!  Some people want to jump in and make this a full time business right away, others don't want it to be a business at all, they just want a discount on the amazing products!  There is nothing wrong with singing up to be a DISCOUNT COACH!!

My goal as a coach is to focus on what YOU want...and what OTHERS want!  It's not about me it's about YOU!

I strive to know your intentions and desires when you sign up to coach.  I want to push you if you want pushed...but if you don't want pushed, I want to know that so I can give you as much or as little support as YOU WANT!

Basically, there are 3 types of Beachbody Coaches who decide to join!
1. "Preferred Customers" - Those who want the amazing discount.
2. "Wait & See" - They first want to work on their transformation and then share their results with others OR they want to just do this as a hobby and share the products with their friends and family.
3.  "Full Speed Ahead" - They are ready to start building a business and ready to change lives!

Obviously, the goals and needs of these three types of coaches can change over time.  You are not locked into one type ever!  I'm excited to work with you at whatever pace you are ready to go!

Not a coach yet, but want to join?

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