Friday, September 19, 2014

What is P90?

P90, New Tony Horton Fitness Program, Challenge Group, Accountability, Julie Little,

He's done it again.  One more amazing fitness program from none other than Tony Horton!  Yep you heard it right...Tony Horton is back at it again.  Ever heard of P90X?  Have you ever tried P90X??  It's hard!!!  Have you ever tried it and thrown it in the closet after a couple weeks...or a month?  (I HAVE)!  Well we are not alone!  Do you want to do P90X but just can't yet commit to that fitness level yet?  Would you like to have a baseline of fitness to be able to work your way up to P90X?  Well...Tony heard and answered!!

Mr. P90X himself saw a need for this too and decided to create a fitness program that could give you the foundational skills to advance you to a more extreme workout and that's why he created P90!  For people like YOU and ME!!  Ones that have tried P90X and not completed it!!  A desire to be in the best shape of our lives is a huge goal, but you've got to start somewhere!  You have to be able to start at the fitness level you're at and increase it in a safe and effective way.

P90, New Tony Horton Fitness Program, Challenge Group, Accountability, Julie Little,

Who is P90 perfect for?

  • Someone who doesn't want a hardcore workout but want to lose weight.
  • Someone who wants to get back some of the muscle tone you've lost.
  • Someone who wants to be able to get out of bed in the morning without aching.
  • Someone who wants to be in good health, get regular exercise and feel strong, then this could be perfect for you!
P90, New Tony Horton Fitness Program, Challenge Group, Accountability, Julie Little,

What's the program like?
Don't worry, it's not the super high intensity or pounding of your joints.  It's simple cardio, simple workouts, 25 minutes a day for 90 days to totally transform your body and your life.  It's not just a workout.  You'll get an easy to follow nutrition guide that will help you clean up your nutrition and focus on the right foods and portions so that your workouts will be most effective!  There are modified moves in all of the workouts so any fitness level can start this!

P90, New Tony Horton Fitness Program, Challenge Group, Accountability, Julie Little, When is P90 available?
The expected release date is September 23, 2014 through a Team Beachbody coach, which is ME!    Shoot me an email to be on the list to be sent info ASAP!!

Who should do P90?
Like I said before, this will be for any fitness level.  But if you are looking to change the shape of your body and want to start creating a healthy exercise routine, this would be an excellent place to start!  Tony Horton is an amazing trainer and really has some amazing fitness programs.  He knows how to get people where they want to be in their fitness/nutrition goals!  This is a great starting place as it's only 25 minutes can find 25 minutes in your day to workout!!

What next?  
P90, New Tony Horton Fitness Program, Challenge Group, Accountability, Julie Little, My goal in the release of P90 is not for you to just add to the collection of your fitness programs that collects dust or gets thrown into a closet.  I want you to commit to your health and fitness transformation...but sometimes I know it's tough to do that because we are fearful!  Afraid of not completing or sticking with it!  Fearful of change!  Well, I don't want you to be left out on your own to figure it out by yourself!  I want YOU to SUCCEED and to have SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY along the way!  My job as a coach is to be your support system, to help you breakdown the meal plan and understand it, to hold you accountable to your goals!!  Let's do this together on October 6th, track our goals and progress, stay accountable and support one another.  

I am hosting an EXCLUSIVE TEST GROUP where you can get support and accountability and be surrounded by like minded people! can even enter to win $500 after you complete the program for your transformation!! (And I'm telling you's for real!  I just received my $500 check for winning this for my transformation of the Ultimate Reset).

What is a test group?

So, the challenge group is a closed Facebook group so only the members of the group can see what is being posted.  We will discuss how to set realistic goals for yourself, how to make a meal plan, prep, and how to set yourself up for success.  You'll log in each day to the group and check out the post of the day, motivation, recipes and tips that are posted.  We track your progress through our online group and together we succeed!!  If you commit, I'll meet you half way!!  I want YOU to succeed, I won't give up on you and I won't let YOU give up on YOU!!  Are you ready to put your fears aside and go for it?  
P90, New Tony Horton Fitness Program, transformation, Challenge Group, Accountability, Julie Little,

The requirements are that you purchase the P90 Challenge Pack through me as your coach.  I will be giving you all the details to get the package once you complete the application below.  I must be your coach and only my customers and coaches are allowed to participate in this group.  

Are you in??  I can only accept a limited number of people into this group.  So please complete the application below to be considered for a spot and gain more information.  

Decide that this is your time to make a change in your life!  
Now is the time!!  Let's do this together!!  
Fill out the application below to be the first to know about the release date and all the details!!

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