Monday, July 28, 2014

PiYo Week 3 Update and Meal Plan

PiYo Week 3 is in the bag!'s official.  I LOVE PIYO!!

I love Piyo, piyo week 3 update and meal plan

This week I think was a turning point for me in my PiYo journey.  I not only have gotten stronger this week with the moves but I've grown more addicted to the way PiYo makes me feel and the way it's shaping my muscles.  My wrists have gotten stronger and more flexible, which if you have done any bit of PiYo you know that you are up in plank or some sort of plank a lot during PiYo.  Chalene always says that if your wrists hurt then they will get more flexible and strengthen during the's true!!

In week 3 there are 2 new workouts that are introduced...and I really liked both of them!  

Buns:  Holy cow...I was so sore after this workout, it was tough but I KNOW it was working my legs and buns and it felt so good being sore like that!  So, Buns is definitely one of my favorite workouts!

Week 3 Piyo schedule, piyo update and piyo meal plan

Strength Intervals is the other new one this week...I really liked this one too.  This is more cardio than any of the workouts and you have your shoes on!  I was SO sweaty after this workout and another great one!

Week 3 Piyo, piyo update and piyo meal plan

Here's what week 3 schedule looks like!

Week 3 Piyo schedule, piyo update and piyo meal plan
PiYo Week 3 Schedule

So I told you that I would keep you updated on my Sunday workouts...This past Sunday I was actually looking forward to working out, which usually I want my Sunday to be a rest day, but, that's why I said I turned a corner this week.  On Friday, my rest day, I REALLY needed a rest day.  So Sunday came around and it was a great workout!!  So, this is proof that if you stick to the program, it will change you!

This is what I'm eating this week!!  Now, things may change as we are getting ready for a move and trying to use up what we have in the fridge.

Piyo Meal Plan, Piyo week 3 update and meal plan, healthy fit focused
Week 4 PiYo Meal Plan

Are you interested in checking out PiYo and experiencing it for yourself?  It's a great fitness program and has become one of my favorites for sure.  Are you looking for support?  Would you like to lose weight, get healthy, become fit, get off your medications?  Do you need the accountability and tips on how to plan your meals and what to eat in order to lose weight and be healthy?  

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