Sunday, August 24, 2014

Healthy Banana Pancakes

Guilty as charged...I love pancakes!  It's been a tradition with the kids for years that we make pancakes on the weekends.  We don't like just any pancakes, we make ours from scratch every weekend usually with bananas mixed throughout.  While the ones my family make aren't unhealthy, there's more flour in it than I prefer for myself.  So, along the other day I went searching for another recipe I could make while my family had their pancakes on Saturdays.  I actually now have a couple recipes I can reach for now.  My absolute favorite is the Oat 'N Cashew pancakes, oh these are delicious!  But this go-around I was out of the ingredients for these! it is, another healthy version of pancakes!

It's super easy...

1 banana mashed
2 eggs (I might try this with one egg next time)
touch of cinnamon

Mash banana and mix the eggs and cinnamon together.  Cook on non-stick skillet.  Serve with blueberries on top!  Enjoy!!

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Healthy Banana Pancakes

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