Monday, February 8, 2016

Love Yourself - Take Care of Your Health- 30 Day Support and Accountability Group

In February, we tend to focus on "LOVE" as a theme throughout the month!  And...that's what we're going to do here too!  It's the perfect time to remind ourselves that loving yourself means taking care of your HEALTH.  

Love yourself, take care of yourself, Valentine's day,, Julie Little Fitness

As women and moms, we often tend to "put ourselves last".  We think that everyone else is more important than our own needs.  And while that is sometimes just the way we are made, it doesn't make it right!  



Did you hear me?  Yes...I'm talking to YOU my friend!  Here's the truth.  If YOU neglect your health, then guess what?  You're not going to be able to care for anyone else!  So, now is the time...
Are you a...
  • New mom trying to learn how to take care of yourself while caring for an infant.
  • Seasoned mom who has never lost the "baby weight" and need a refresh!
  • Teacher who gives and gives to her family and students and doesn't know how to balance time to herself!
  • Stay at home mom who thinks she should only be taking care of the household and kids...not herself.
  • Working professional who isn't sure how to balance work, events, family and getting healthy!

Whatever your situation may be...I'm talking to YOU!!  I know you have dreams and goals to feel or look a certain way.  To feel confident and comfortable in your clothes and in your own skin!  Enough is enough, you DESERVE that confidence and ultimately, the greater quality of life that will come when you become more healthy...(you're happy, confident, feeling great, stronger...).  

It's selfish not to love yourself, Love yourself, take care of yourself, Valentine's day,, Julie Little Fitness

I have 10 spots available for my upcoming support and accountability group!  Only 10!!  I want to keep it small so that each person gets the 1:1 support they are looking for to reach their own personal goals!

The private group will include:
  • Daily motivation
  • Group support and accountability
  • 1:1 support from me
  • Healthy recipes
  • Meal planning tips
  • Simple nutrition
  • 30 minute workouts (for any fitness level)

Because the number is limited, you MUST be committed, so if you are part of the group here are the requirements!  
  • Bring a great attitude to the group be ready to change along the journey!
  • Be an active participant in the group, support also comes from peers...not just me!
  • I must be your Beachbody Coach (free account click here)
  • You'll need a couple items to participate: Beachbody Fitness Program plus Shakeology (a superfood nutrient dense shake that you'll replace one meal with for 30 days). 
    • I have specials I can share with you that include major discounted savings for these two items. 
  • Last, you need to apply to be a part of this group (please complete the form below!)

It's time to stop beating around the bush saying that "I'll start being healthy next month".'s time to stop and make your health a priority!  I can't wait to welcome you to the group and help you get the success you desire for your health!!

Register TODAY...Group begins on February 15th!  

This is a PERFECT gift for Valentine's Day...
give the gift of HEALTH to yourself and your family!

♥ LOVE YOURSELF!! ♥ . Sounds Simple...but as women we give everything to others, and leave nothing for ourselves! . NOW, it's YOUR TURN! Your health is #1 most important! I'm looking for 10 women ready to make health their #1 goal! Get healthy for YOU & your family! . Want to: Lose Weight Get Healthy Create New Habits Get Fit Learn Healthy Recipes . **Only 10 spots: Apply Here--> REPIN if you're IN!! Comment "APPLIED" when you fill out the form!

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