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10 Tips to Stay Healthy this Holiday

10 Tips to Stay Healthy this Holiday, Julie Little Fitness,

The holiday season is in FULL swing.  If you haven't already had your fair share of holiday parties yet, I'm sure they are just beginning.  It's also a time where you may be feeling overwhelmed, busy and that there's no time to take care of yourself!

I like to remind my challengers at this time of year that it's not about being perfect but it's about progress each and every day...small adjustments during your days of no events so that you can enjoy (in moderation) your special events and parties without ruining your progrss.  Since I know you're busy and your time is precious, let's dive right in and look at some tips that can help you stay on track and healthy for the remainder of the holiday season!

10 Tips to Stay Healthy this Holiday

10 Tips to Stay Healthy this Holiday, Julie Little Fitness,

Before your Parties
1.  Make a plan, have realistic goals!
Sit down at the beginning of your week and take 30 min at least to plan it out.  Plan out your parties and events you have.  Plan the time that you are going to take for yourself.  Quite time, workout time, time with your family.  Write out your goals for the realistic!  Realistic goals for this time of year probably wouldn't be to lose 15 lbs by January.  Instead, make a goal to stay healthy and right on track 80% of the time.  When it's that 80%, make sure you're stay committed to that!  Allow yourself to enjoy (in moderation) the other 20% of your week.  Make a plan and stick to that!

10 Tips to Stay Healthy this Holiday, Julie Little Fitness, www.healthyfitfocused.com2.  Commit to (and SCHEDULE IN) 30 min of Exercise at least 5 times a week
EXERCISE!!  This should be scheduled into your day!  Come on, it's only 30 minutes of your still have another 23 hours and 30 minutes to get stuff done!  Make it a priority.  It will help you stay less stressed, help burn off some of those extra caloric foods that you're body isn't used to eating regularly, and it will make you in a better mood!  Just get moving...whatever that looks like to you!!  (If you're looking for a program, email me and I'll help you find one!).

3.  Plan your Nutrition Weekly 
Take into account where your holiday parties fall and what you are going to allow yourself while there.  Then plan the time where you can cook at home.  CONTROL THE CONTROLLABLE!  The time you are NOT at events, make it a huge success!  Plan out what you'll have for dinners each night, then move to your other meals and snacks.  When you have a plan you're so much more likely to succeed with your goals.  Stick to your meal plan and remember the goal in December is progress, not perfection!

4.  Hydrate yourself everyday!
I can not stress this enough!!  WATER WATER WATER!!!  Every single day, you need to be drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces of water!  Not jus the day that you're at a party!  But everyday!  This will help keep you full and trick your mind into thinking that you're not hungry!  So often, we mistake hunger for our body's need to be hydrated!  So DRINK your water!  If you're at a party, make sure that you drink a full glass of water before and after you have ANY alcohol.  Always keep a glass of water or sparkling water in your hand at any party and keep sipping!!

10 Tips to Stay Healthy this Holiday, Julie Little Fitness,

At your Parties

5.  Eat before your party or event
Never go hungry to any party or event.  EVERYTHING will look amazing and you'll want to try it all!  Make sure you eat some protein and veggies before you go.  Get healthy food in you so that you're body will be satisfied.  Then, delay grabbing a plate!  If you start eating first thing, you'll feel left out when everyone else continues to get seconds, thirds etc.  I like to have a Shakeology before I go to events!  Keeps me full and not craving all the goodies!!

6.  Limit your alcohol 
Go into your party with a LIMIT of what you'll drink.  Is it one glass of wine?  One cocktail?  Whatever you decide, take into account your goals and make sure you have a plan.  Ask a spouse or friend to hold you accountable to that plan.  And make sure you are drinking your water in between!  If you're done with your limit, then get sparkling water with a lime in it and carry that around with you!
10 Tips to Stay Healthy this Holiday, Julie Little Fitness,
7.  Choose your "party" food wisely
Parties usually mean tons of food and buffet style!  Remember have a plan when you go in.  Don't just "wing" it.  Know what types of food you will choose, how much you will allow yourself, and what you will avoid!  Fill up on protein, veggies and fruit!  Then you can "sprinkle" in the fun stuff in moderation.

8.  The 3 Bite Rule
Desserts, desserts, desserts!  There's usually tons of selection when it comes to desserts at holiday parties!  That's what everyone loves to bring, look at and eat!  Am I right?  Well, trust me...I LOVE desserts just like the rest of us!  So, instead of depriving yourself completely of them and feeling all depressed that you "can't" have them, try the 3 bite rule!  What I like to do is share with my hubby.  He get's a sampling of dessert and then I'll take 3 bites!  Then I'm done.  I've had a taste of them and I get myself a nice cup of coffee to sip on and I'm usually pretty good after that!!  :)

9.  Be social, ask questions.
Don't be shy, be social!  When you are talking and carrying on a conversation, you can't eat (and if you do eat and talk at the same time it's kin
da rude!  LOL).  So, the more you can talk to people and find out more about them, ask questions and be social, you'll be amazed as the relationships you can make and it will keep you from eating so much!

10.  Jump back in with your plan you've committed to the very next day!
I know sometimes it's easy to not get right back into your routine, but it's so important to get right back on track.  I know how easy it is to just let it go and continue to "cheat" and not stick to your plan.  But this is what makes the biggest difference in your success for sure.  Can you train your brain to get right back on track with your goal and plan!?!  So...get right back on the saddle and continue to reach your goals you've set!

I hope these tips help this holiday as you're going from party to event to party again!  Keep the "treats" limited but don't completely deprive yourself of everything.  Enjoy the holidays but keep a clear mind of what your goals are and how you're going to reach those goals!

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