Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Soccer Mom Kind of Day!!

I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who have busy Saturdays like we do!  Especially during soccer season (for us!).  I am a soccer mom...and love it!  Yep, with 3 kids playing soccer, our Saturdays are pretty full!  We usually just cross our fingers that they aren't all at the same time!

So my husband is the one who got everyone into soccer...he played soccer himself growing up and has passed the love of it to the kids!  But this week was an exceptionally special weekend!  The city we live in has a tournament for all the AYSO Volunteers to compete in some soccer games themselves, The Glory Days Cup!  It's super fun and the parents playing have such a great time!  So, not only did we have the 3 kids games this week plus my hubby had 2 games on Saturday and 2 more on Sunday!  5 soccer games evenly spaced out throughout the entire day plus 2 the next day...quite a day!!

And...to support my soccer mom spirit...I saw this super cute hat on someone over the weekend and LOVED it...and, yes, I had to get it.  So, here's the link to Blingirl.com for these hats, this gal has the cutest hats (and she just so happens to randomly be from the area where I grew up, that was kinda cool!)
Soccer mom hat, blingirl, soccer hat
Love the "soccer spirit" hat from Blingirl.com!

Well our games started at 8:30 am...but I'll say, the best planned days can start off not so great!  Let's just say my day started out with a BANG!  On my way to Anthony's game, I heard a pop and a whistling sound...yep, you guessed it!  A FLAT TIRE!!  Fortunately, Anthony was already at his game and I was coming after.  So what do we do as moms?  Go with the flow and maybe bat my eyes a bit to get my tire changed quickly!!  I was able to get my spare on within 30 minutes of it and off to his game!!

Flat tire and no fun...Soccer Mom

Finally off to the games Anthony's first, Jeremy's then Katelyn's!

So in order to stick to my meal plan (I'm currently on day 7 of the Ultimate Reset), I definitely needed to have my meals planned out and ready for a day of being out!  So I had my lunch box full of meals and snacks for the day!! Tons of water packed and ready to go!  That's the only way to have a successful day at the field!
Food on the go, soccer games, pack your food for success
Cooler packed with food for the day!
I packed my lunch, snacks and the supplements that are needed for the Ultimate Reset for that day and actually had a chance to put it on a plate and eat it "properly"!  But I was prepared and that's what's important!

Lunch on the Ultimate Reset

And so the soccer continues with Jonathan's Glory Cup Days Tournament!  Let the fun continue...

The Green Machine had 2 games on Saturday.

 The Championship game ended in a tie...ready for a shoot out...and WON!!!

Way to go Green Machine!

Wouldn't change our Saturday afternoons for anything!!

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