Monday, December 23, 2013

A few Christmas Traditions!

Well, it's December 23rd…2 days before Christmas…and I'm NOT ready?  Are you??

Christmas Traditions

I say this every year, "I promise I will shop early, have gifts wrapped, not rush around like a crazy woman next year!!"  And, yes, it seems like every year gets busier and busier with more activities so that I don't get everything completed early!  But…maybe instead of saying I "failed" to do it early this year, I'm going to look on the positive side and say, "…this is my NEW Christmas Tradition, and it wouldn't be Christmas without rushing around waiting until the last minute!"  If I choose to make a NEW Christmas tradition NEXT year and be early, then I will do that…until then, I choose to see the positive and make this my tradition yet again this year!  Hahaha!!

Well, I am a girl of traditions…I love holiday traditions with family and kids.  One of our favorites is Mr. Figglebottom, our Elf!  He's been with us for 3 years now and we have tons of fun with him.  I love hearing the kids wake up and try and find him, and when we are really good and hide him really well, it's hilarious to hear the kids think he is gone and question each other to make sure no one touched him!  

Christmas Traditions, Elf
Mr. Figglebottom Coming Home!

Another favorite tradition is my husband's family Christmas party!  This has been such a highlight over the years…I come from a small family and didn't grow up around any other family, grandparents or aunts/uncles or cousins…so to be a part of a large family who does Christmas parties has always been such a fun and memorable time for me!  One of my favorite things we do here is reading the REAL Christmas story out of Luke Chapter 2!  Over the last couple years as my children are growing up, they have been the ones who have read the story of the birth of Christ!  It is such a blessing to hear those words come from their mouths as they remind us of the REAL meaning of CHRISTmas!  This year it was Katelyn's turn to read!!

The Christmas Story
Katelyn reading Luke 2 - The Birth of Christ!

Christmas Eve!  Our Christmas Eve traditions have evolved over the years…from pizza and The Muppet Christmas Carole when I was a kid, to a nice Christmas Eve dinner and watching the Polar Express…whatever the evening looks like, I'm ok with.  But the ONE tradition that has NEVER changed is the one gift that is opened on Christmas Eve…PAJAMAS!!!  You can't have a Christmas Eve without NEW PJs!  I loved it as a kid…and now my kids look forward to it too!

Christmas Eve PJs
Christmas Eve Pajamas!

And last…but not least…

Christmas Day Traditions!!
Ohh how I loved coming down as a kid to a tree FULL of gifts, they seemed to stretch out a mile from the tree!  We were never really big on birthdays in my house but more-so on Christmas!  So we had FUN!!  My brother and I loved surprised and seeing what everyone else got too…so we always spread our Christmas morning out until early afternoon…opening one-by-one and some breakfast and snack in between!  

Fortunately, when I married my husband, they liked to do the same thing and not tear into all the gifts and have it be over in 5 seconds.  Our Christmas starts with the kids waiting to come downstairs until everyone is ready…we'll do stockings, have some coffee, and then start opening gifts.  Half way through we'll eat breakfast and then go back for some more gifts!  We are blessed to be able to share with my parents along with my Grandma and my husband's family on Christmas, as we have Christmas  morning at home and the afternoon at my in-laws!  Makes for a busy day, but one we love so much!

True Meaning of Christmas!

May your Christmas be filled with many traditions, family, fun and Christ!

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