3-Day Refresh

So what is the 3 Day Refresh? The Refresh is a Team Beachbody Product that is meant to be a healthy alternative to cleanses that are on the market that really don't contain nutritional value.  For example, the juice cleanses, the various fasts, extreme cleanses, they really aren't the best option for you.  The Research and Development team really wanted to create a product that gives an alternative to these cleanses that will provide proper nutrition and was safe and effective at helping you with rapid weight loss!

3 Day Refresh, Halloween Candy Detox, Shakeology and Clean Eating
3-Day Refresh + 30 Days of Shakeology and Clean Eating

What comes with the Refresh Kit?  With the basic Refresh kit you get 3 Shakeology packets, 3 packets of the Fiber Sweep, 6 packets of the Vanilla Refresh, a nutritional guide and program manual.

How do you do the Refresh?  You drink a Shakeology Shake for breakfast with a serving of fruit from the book.  You get to have the Fiber Sweep as your mid-morning snack and water.  At lunch you'll have the Vanilla Refresh Shake with a serving of veggies, fruit and good fat.  For Dinner the Vanilla Fresh Shake with a meal choice from the nutritional booklet!!  You can drink green tea and water but avoid all processed foods, canned fruits and veggies, sweeteners and dairy.  You are truly cutting back to the basic to cut the bloating and help you lose weight!!

Then from there we will head straight into learning how to keep your success of the 3 Day Refresh and start clean eating and drinking Shakeology every day for 30 days!  Workout is optional and suggested during these 30 days.  Even getting out there and doing 20-30 minutes of walking would be great!!

Results of the 3 day refresh, halloween candy detox
3-Day Refresh Results

3 Day Refresh Women's Results and Transformation -- More than just weight loss...

3 Day Refresh Women's Transformation and Results, www.HealthyFitFocused.com , Julie Little

My Results with the 3-Day Refresh:   

  • I lost 3 pounds and 4 inches
  • I decreased my cravings
  • I lost my bloated feeling
  • I feel renewed and able to start fresh
  • I gained new focus to continue to reach my goals!
  • It reminded me that I can be laser focused and stick to my meal plan!
  • Mentally, it got me back into a positive thinking place, where I'm not destroying myself with negativity!

The 3-Day Refresh is NOT just shakes all day... you do get food and it's tasty too!!

3-Day Refresh, www.HealthyFitFocused.com
3 Day Refresh - Day 1

3-day refresh, www.HealthyFitFocused.com
3 Day Refresh - Day 2

3-day refresh, www.HealthyFitFocused.com
3 Day Refresh - Day 3
If you would like more information about the 3 Day Refresh or would like to order yours, please contact me and I'll get you set up with what you need, also ask me if there are any specials on the 3 Day Refresh!

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